Our Apartment Cleaning Services framework separates us. Our clients continue returning to us, since we give benefits that work and keep their homes and apartments perfect, directly down to the little points of interest. This full apartment Cleaning Service, which we call our Detailed Clean Rotation System, has been turned out to be compelling in more than twenty million cleans!

We begin with a careful detail-clean all through your flat finished the course of our initially two cleans. On the central clean, our Maids Montreal administration will completely clean your loft, with different consideration on your kitchen and restrooms. On the second session, We Also clean your whole condo yet this time. We Also give detail-clean administrations in your resting and living regions. We'll keep on maintaining this detail-clean level all through your home all through our following visits by providing profound cleaning service Montreal on a pivoting premise.

Each time we clean, we'll give benefits that incorporate the accompanying:


Spider webs expelled, tidying, floors washed, toilets scrubbed, mirrors/chrome apparatuses cleaned, shower entryways cleaned, tile dividers, bath/showers cleaned


Ledges cleaned, cleaning of outside area of the range hood. Front and top of range cleaned. Dribble glass/dish upper surfaces wiped. Chrome sparkled, sinks cleaned and fronts of all apparatuses cleaned, general tidying, webs expelled, wiped out the microwave, entryways, and entryway outlines spot cleaned

Resting Areas

Surfaces hand wiped, floors mopped, general tidying, spider webs evacuated, entryways and entryway outlines spot cleaned

Living Areas

Surfaces hand rubbed, spider webs abandoned, entryways and entryway outlines spot cleaned, general tidying, floors cleaned.

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