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Basement Cleaning Service

Apart from the above said uses, basements also act as playing area for kids as it gives a wonderful arena for the kids. However, the basement clogging with water is a common fact. Even if there is a small leakage in the water pipes. Moreover, the drainage pipe causes harmful effect. A storm or flood can fill the place with water.

Why Should You Choose Us for Basement Cleaning Services?

Our professional basement cleaning service will help you to make your basement clean and sparkling like new. Also, all our professionals have proper training and experience. So, they will be able to clean your basements with ease. Moreover, we will be able to remove all the fungi, molds and other microorganisms from the basement. The only way is by providing you a clean and safe environment. You can easily book our services from our website and our expert team will show up at your doorsteps to clean it.


Although very unlikely, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can simply contact Menage Total and receive a re- clean. We will examine the scene to determine the reason for customer dissatisfaction and if cleaning (housekeeping, maid) could have been done better. Keep in mind that you must contact us about this issue as quickly as possible so that we take immediate steps to resolution.