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Menage Total Was In Residential And Commercial Cleaning Services Company Montreal Since 2010. During All These Years Of Practice, We Have Built A Solid Foundation. Our Mission Is To Provide Home Cleaning Services And High-Quality Household Help To Large Regions Of Montreal Moreover Than Selecting The Best Cleaning Products. We Know That Your Home Is Precious To You Our Residential Cleaning Service Is Built Around The Idea Of Providing You Discretion And Reliability. All This Means That Our Housekeeping Team, Committed and Motivated, Will Serve You for the Long Term. As Well As The

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Daycare And CPE Service



    Cleaning household appliances. Cleaning of sinks, counters and small appliances (coffee pot, toaster… etc)

    Cleaning tables and chairs. Dusting of furniture and light fixtures.

    Cleaning, disinfecting bathtub, ceramic, shower stall, toilet bowl, sinks and counters. Cleaning and polishing mirrors, water taps and accessories.


Menage Total provided best professionals, motivated and dedicated workers for cleaning services. We will provide you the best cleaning service in the whole city. We will clean every corner of your house/office with special Cleaning products.



We Menage Total provide the best apartment cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Our professional staff offers you the services of floor cleaning, bathroom cleaning, tiles cleaning, cobweb removing, detailed dusting, sleeping areas, living areas and all other parts of your apartment. We Menage Total provides these services throughout the year 7 days a week and 24 hours on regular basis. We assure you of the cleanliness of your apartment. We will remove stains and spots from your walls, floor, and tiles. We will clean the couches and curtains of your apartment. Your windows will be cleaned up by our professional staffRead More»


We provide a complete set of commercial cleaning services to your office. Our special services include "vacuuming, cleaning the ceiling vents, dusting, providing inspection and maintenance activities at regular intervals for a certain defined period. Our services are unique and with proper post cleaning facilities. Our services include:
Cleaning, stocking, dusting cleaning, ceiling vents, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, office room cleaning, Solar Panels cleaning, conference Hall cleaning. Providing maintenance activities and inspection facilities at regular intervals. Removing dust from ceilings, floors, overhead walls, Carpets, restroom, tiles etc Read More»


Menage Total have professional cleaners available at a time of your convenience – including weekends! We know how important it is to clean your home as quickly as possible after a Party.

After Party Cleaning Services will bring the sparkle back to your home. Our expert teams are non-intrusive, reliable and committed to providing a high standard of service. Plus, you don’t need cash when booking an after party cleaning service with Menage Total – We’ll remove all leftover food, bottles and wash the dishes! Read More»


in addition to your regular cleaning that you perform on a weekly or biweekly basis. Menage Total Offering you with high quality Montreal one time cleaning services in addition to all janitorial cleanings service available.  whenever you renovate your homeapartment or office, renew the floors you need our One Time Cleaning Service before to start regularly cleaning. Read More»


We Menage Total provide Airbnb cleaning service as we provide short term cleaning service. We have a professional cleaning team which will clean your apartment or house. We Menage Total provide the best Airbnb cleaning service at many affordable rates. If you’re running an Airbnb business and you are in need of cleaning service, let us do this for you. Our professional cleaning team will clean all the trash, dust and spots from your apartment. We use health friendly material in cleaning the apartment, houses and rental rooms. We provide Airbnb cleaning service on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to our customers. Read More»


Menage Total Janitorial cleaning Services Montreal, we convey exceptional business cleaning, residential cleaning, and commercial cleaning answers for your property. Through cautious tender loving care and a client-centered methodology, our expert staff does everything. Regardless of whether it’s window cleaning services washing or development tidy up, we can deal with any activity. Our janitorial cleaners benefit serves organizations and occupants in Montreal and Laval and additionally those in Longueuil. Read More»


Boxing Club Cleaning is Tough job while lot's of player always there that not all cleaning companies offering service to cleaning boxing Club but it's very necessary for the boxers and other persons in Gym or Club.

Firstly an experienced Menage total Montreal staff is assigned to your facility and intimately briefed on your specific boxing club cleaning needs. Just as an athlete would, the Menage Total boxing club assurance the cleaning needs in the gym or club and perform there high-quality cleaning service. Read More»


Basements quickly accumulate junk, dust, and dirt over time. For  homeowners, it is a problem to clean Basement on regular intervals as it's usually ignored to clean"  however, you don't have to live with it any longer! Menage Total Bring back the shine of your basement with our professional cleaning services. No matter what how dusted is your basement we do Remove all items to clean the space, Clear away all cobwebs, Brush down the walls, Washing inside and outside of any cabinets and shelving, Sweep floor, cleaning basement furniture etc to make your basement look spotless. the experts would start working to repair basement crack,very efficiently as per the needs Read More»


Don’t more Look for professional bathroom cleaners in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Menage Total Bathroom cleaning service offers the best quality residential bathroom cleaning and commercial bathroom cleaning. You can simply book Menage Total services and then Ménage total professional cleaners will be right at your doorsteps to scrub and rinse your sinks, showers, and tubs to remove any built-up soap scum or mildew at the scheduled time or on regular intervals In addition, we’ll make sure your bathroom mirrors, fixtures are shining brightly And, yes, we’ll clean your toilet too, inside and out. Read More»


It is not an easy task to keep your home a safe and clean place. That’s why Menage Total was created. It is to offer the highest quality Home Cleaning Services possible. Our housemaid cleaning services include emptying trash and sorting the recycling, dust and mop carpets, clean and sanitize your washroom which is one of the hidden areas where germs proliferate. Fill the quotation form and get a free estimate now!!. Read More»


Menage Total as Professional Cleaning Company has worked in many car dealership environments, workshop areas cleaning, staff offices cleaning, customer waiting areas cleaning, windows cleaning, carpet cleaning, toilets cleaning, and the car showroom itself. the windows are usually large and sometimes complex in a car showroom and always given extra attention with our professional cleaning services. Read More»


A dirty carpet gives an awkward look and impression about your apartment, room, house, and workplace. We Menage Total provide the best carpet cleaning service and we have a professional cleaning team which will clean your carpet without damaging your carpet. We remove dust from your carpet and rug and make it protected from germs. The germs come from your feet and from your pets will be cleaned up by our professional cleaning team. We use health friendly detergents and offer dry cleaning also. We clean up all types of stains spots form your carpet. Menage Total assures you a cleaned, bacteria and germs free carpet. We provide professional carpet cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and LongueuilRead More»


Your Local Carpet CleaningRug Cleaning, and Upholstery Cleaning Professionals.
We are your Montreal experts when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning. We clean carpets, rugs and mats according to high green cleaning standards.
We use only biodegradable materials which do not harm the environment or your health. We use the latest carpet cleaning machines such as truck mount systems to provide you with the best results available. Read More»


Menage Total is a Montreal-based carpet cleaning company specialized in carpet and upholstery cleaning services throughout Montreal, Longueuil and Laval. Our team is composed of carpet cleaning technicians that were recruited, background checked and highly trained to deliver high quality carpet cleaning solutions. The products used in the cleaning process is carefully chosen depending on the type of the carpet or upholstery. We are the leaders and we are proud to only deliver specialized and focused area rug and carpets cleanings. Get Menage Total services today! Your best partner when it comes to carpet cleaning services in MontrealRead More»


We offer all type of floor Cleaning Services Montreal like Cement floor, Slate floor, and Marble floor etc. Our Montreal Cleaning Services providing team is professional and experienced. The entire team members are loyal to their work. They can professionally clean floor, Basement cleaning, office Floor leaning as well as commercial floor etc. We are available here to fulfill your entire house floor cleaning or office floor cleaning and care needs. Our Floor Cleaning Services providing team won’t quit until your satisfaction with our work. Read More»


Our staff is highly trained and know the exact and highly effective method of housekeeping cleaning services Montreal and it makes you feel obliged to praise and entice them. Having well-trained bonded and trusted staff we feel pleasure in telling you that housekeeping services offered by Menage total are one of the best. Our cleaning staff having professional housekeepers and Maid services are well trained and trusted and they have the abilities to provide you with a memorable experience. Read More»


Daycare and schools are the places where the number of children spends most of their time. The sanitation conditions must be perfect, satisfactory and neat & clean there to avoid decreases. We Menage Total offer the best cleaning up services of daycare and schools. We clean the playgrounds, classroom, and offices. Our professional staff cleans the carpets, floors, tiles, and furniture that is used by children. We Menage Total doesn’t use health hazard chemicals in cleaning up daycare and schools. Read More»


After a project has been completed, there is generally a great deal of the site cleaning. The building needs to be ready for the opening. It has to look especially sparkling and inviting. Do not miss the first impression!
We are fully equipped to provide you with high-quality service. We can provide you after building work cleaning in the morning, afternoon, evening or the night.
Our team work to a pre-agreed list or use own judgment. On all sites, The Menage Total view health and safety in the utmost importance. We have years of experience and we offer our services at reasonable prices. Read More»


If you are looking for any kind of finest, effective and trustworthy housemaid cleaning services, then we as a Menage total are there to offer you the tremendous and sophisticated cleaning and housemaid services Read More»


A clean home is a happy home. At Menage Total we are aware of this fact. We service MontrealLongueuil, and Laval. We do not just dust and surface clean. It's the kind of cleaning where the kitchen gets hosed out and the cabinet doors get scrub down. Deep cleaning consists of moving everything to clean underneath. It's a very thorough and will leave your home spotless and streak free. The deep clean is a comprehensive top to the bottom cleaning solution. Our professional cleaners will clean your home, condo or apartment in no time. Read More»


A house has much importance in once life, and a cleaned house make life more peaceful and enjoyable. We Menage Total provide you detailed cleaning of your house. Our professional cleaning team cleans up your kitchen, drawing room, bedroom, living room, lawn, garage and all other parts of your house. Our professionals clean up floors and tiles and maintain their shine long lasting. They remove stains and spots from walls, windows, mirrors of doors and from couches. In residential cleaning service, we provide all housekeeping services like cleaning up rooms whether it is living or sleeping and clean up furniture including chairs couches and beds. Read More»


Are you looking for a professional office cleaning service in Montreal, Longueuil or Laval? Menage Total has the experience and expertise needed to make your office clean and more inviting. We offer you high quality office cleaning solutions throughout Montreal, Longueuil and Laval either for one-time off cleaning or on a regular basis, every day, biweekly or monthly basis following your own availability. . Our cleaners are well-trained, detail-focused and punctual. Read More»


A medical store can be a hotbed for germs and maladies. To lessen the danger of spreading germs among patients and guests, a medical store must be cleaned appropriately consistently. To make this procedure less demanding on the staff who work there, an expert business that offers medical store cleaning administrations ought to be utilized. When you confide in this imperative occupation to Menage Total, we will utilize the correct cleaning methodology and hardware to help diminish the danger of contamination. Read More»


A cleaned and tidy window gives an awful site of the outside world and it gives an impression of cleanliness to others. We Menage Total provide the professional window cleaning services to the residential customers and business units. We clean the windows of houses, big shopping malls, and multi-national company’s offices. We Menage Total have professional cleaning team which cleans your house and office windows without damaging them. We offer our window cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil cities. Read More»


Retail Store cleaning services, office cleaning, and janitorial cleaning the finest and reputable retail and store cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Well, when it comes about the Cleaning Services Montreal, so there is no doubt that the retail and stores are also one of the huge and crowded places that also demands the extra cleaning services credentials. No matter what kind of retail and store cleaning services you require, we as a Menage total offer to all of you the best, finest and reputable retail and store cleaning servicesRead More»


Rug Cleaning Montreal is a company dedicated to Carpet Cleaning consisting of rug cleaning for property residences and also commercial in Montreal. We understand that your carpet, as well as furniture, takes a great deal of time for cleaning. Rug and also upholstery play a crucial function in clean as well as the hygienic location of your home organization. A Montreal Carpet Cleaning Company we supply a variety of specialized rug cleansing in Montreal to fit yours with guaranteed fulfillment. Read More»


There is nothing bad to say this that restaurants are the place that requires extra and additional cleaning services. We know that mostly it happens that restaurants demands and need the complete deep, proper and professional, hygienic cleaning services. And to consider all these things we as a Menage Total are offering to all those food street, restaurants, and bar the complete reliable, professional and the qualitative cleaning services. We always try to offer you the maximum level of cleaning services as much as we can. Rest of this, on the other hand, the staff of our Menage Total Cleaning Services Company is also friendly and highly skilled, experienced and professional. Every single person of our staff knows the tricks and tactics to appeal to you by giving their 100% and make your place spotless and reputable. Read More»


We as a Menage Total are here and welcome to all of our clients and offer them a wide and tremendous range of hard floor cleaning services. No matter whether your floor surfaces has tiles, marbles, ceramics or hardwood we ensure you to clean and make your floor furnish mannerly in a very sophisticated way. Except this, we also professionally cleaned terra, cotta, slate, cement, and non-wax floors as well. Read More»


We offer the other major and minor Cleaning Services Montreal so if you are looking for warehouse and other offices, commercial and residential cleaning services then without any asking contact us. We know how much important and necessary it is to clean and tackle the inventory and stock side systems. These things without any asking require the extra cleaning credentials and demands. And to consider all these things we as a Menage Total offer to all our customers the warehouse cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil as well. Read More»


If you’re a working family and you don’t have time to clean up your apartment and houses. You let it on Us. We Menage Total provide professional maid cleaning and housekeeping services. We clean up your living rooms, sleeping rooms, bathrooms, lawn, and kitchen. Our maids do dusting and remove stains from your floor, tiles, and walls. They clean up curtains and couches and make them germ free. We Menage Total cleans each and every corner of your house and offices. We Menage Total provide maid cleaning services not only to residential customers but to the business units. Read More»


Health Centers, Clinics Office, Medical Office, Dental Office, And Veterinarian Office Cleaning ServiceHealth Cleaning Services - Health centers are the place where the patient is healed by taking care of and a healthy environment. Health centers must be clean and hygienic. But it is tough to keep the health centers clean. Menage Total Cleaning Service Montreal is here to render center Health Center cleaning service to ensure the healthy environment in health centersRead More»


Spring and Fall is a great time to do a thorough cleaning of your house to avoid a major cleaning overhaul and invest in residential cleaning services that keep your home clean all year long. You have better ways to use your time to perform cleaning in Spring and Fall;

No matter if the place is commercial, office or your residential home, condo or apartment or you only need to clean specific areas, the thing that We can fit our spring cleaning service to meet your schedule and budget. For your convenience, all our cleaning products are organic and eco-friendly to your place spotless and shiny like a new . Read More»


Many residences have at least one room that is carpetedCarpet can add allure, amenity, and warmth to a room. Just like any surface in your home, carpets need to be disinfected regularly in order to preserve the look and feel of the carpet. Carpets can become disheveled pretty easily as they can cluster food particles, dust, pet dandruff, hair, soil, and various other microscopic organisms. When these substances accrue over some time, it can become perilous for the health of the residents and also reduce the lifespan of the carpet. One of the most adequate ways to clean the carpet is vacuuming it on regular basis. Here’s why it is crucial to vacuum often. But you all don't need to worry anymore because Menage total brings you an exclusive offer for vacuum cleaning. Read More»


Cleaning Services Montreal is not an easy task. We have been Cleaning Services in Great Montreal Area for over 10 years now. We are not limited to residential cleaning services in Montreal, but we also provide cleaning services for office cleaningschools cleanings, House CleaningCommercial Cleaningdaycarehospital cleaninggym cleanings Montrealwarehouse and much more. Our Cleaning Service Montreal Is Flexible And Affordable. We Have Experience And Provide Personalized Service To Facilitate Your Life On A Day To Day Basis. Our Staff Is Highly Trained, Bonded And Fully Insured. The Menage Total Cleaners Protecting The Environment Is Of Paramount Importance To Us. That’s Why We Use Organic, Eco-friendly, Efficient Cleaning Solutions. We Are Happy To Make Your Home Spotless In No Time. Read More»


Some of the portions of your house, apartment, and offices require high-pressure cleaning service. Mostly the vehicles are washed by high-pressure cleaning method. We Menage Total provide high-pressure cleaning service in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We are providing high-pressure cleaning service at comparatively low rates and our professional cleaning team has the experience of doing high pressure cleaning much efficiently and effectively. Read More»


Those who have difficulty with everyday life tasks will likely have trouble with light housekeeping and, in particular, ensuring a clean bathroom. A clean bathroom can affect the health and safety of aging adults and those who are housebound. Read More»


We are sponsored by 100% fulfillment and with a full staff of experienced and expert cleaners. Regardless of your area or span, we are here to ensure that the majority of your cleaning needs are met and surpassed round the clock. We take a stab at the brilliance and ensure that the majority of your points of interest are finished to a request. The majority of this is finished with a proficient workforce and quality as a primary concern. With our cleaning organization branch, you can never turn out badly. Here is a portion of the incredible administrations that you can come to appreciate shape us. Read More»


Rental properties are an extraordinary concern. Properties are frequently left wrecked, and there are regularly little harms that are effortlessly fixed amid the cleaning procedure. Booked cleaning administrations and in addition one-time tidy up administration. They can be booked day by day, week by week, or even month to month. This is best for those that need to keep up the neatness of their home, yet don't have sufficient energy to do as such. Read More»


We always use natural, new on –a toxic chemical to wash your sports center. We also use state-of-the-art technology to keep your sports center clean. Safety and cleanliness are our priority. We offer a full range of sporting and stimulating environment. We render service both at the indoor and outdoor sports center. For indoor sports centers like gym, basketball ground, badminton ground, tennis ground, etc. we take measurements according to the requisition. Typically in this place cleanliness and hygienic environment are essential. We clean every corner of your centers to ensure purity. Read More»


We Menage Total offer you the short-term cleaning services like rental hosts and vocational cleaning services. If you want your house, apartment or site cleaned for a shorter period of time. Call us to get short term cleaning service. Menage Total has professional staff which will clean up your rental hosts and apartments. We provide short term services to the residential and hostels, who rent out their rooms. We clean every corner of your apartment, room, and house as you want. We use health friendly and chemical free detergents for cleaning up your apartmentsRead More»


We Menage Total provide condominium or apartment cleaning service. We are trustworthy and reputed cleaning company providing cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We provide condo cleaning services to our customer on their demand whether it is on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Our professional cleaning team cleans each and every corner of your apartment. Menage Total cleans your toilet, bathrooms, floors, tiles, windows, doors, mirrors and couches. We make your condominium spot free, stain free and fragrant it. Read More»


Supermarkets are one of the most rush places. Supermarket cleaning services mean to clean every nook and corner of the supermarkets that you are supposed to clean.
As cleanliness bring fame so, you need to be very aware it and to keep your supermarkets clean you need a cleaning service provider. We Menage Total are here to solve your problem with the combination of skill and experience. Menage Total Cleaning Services Laval is running successfully for the last 10 years. Though we are new to supermarkets cleaning services, we can provide you with the best quality services at a reasonable price. Read More»


Clean walls may be the characteristic of a perfect home, yet putting aside time to clean your dividers can be testing. All things considered, you're most likely centered around other ordinary cleaning undertakings when you have sufficient energy to clean your home. Cleaning the kitchen after supper, washing the floorsvacuuming the rugs, and wiping down the washrooms all outweigh everything else before wall washing. Therefore, your dividers likely get dismissed, however that doesn't mean they don't require care. Rather, Wall Cleaning is a critical piece of profound cleaning. Read More»


Get ready to select the best experienced flat cleaning company for excellent cleaning services in homes and offices. Here we will add some essential guidelines to pick the old flat cleaning services to keep in mind!

Look for the Cleaning Company that is attached to the insurance policy in their terms and conditions. This is much important for you. You should be asking them about what kind of insurance a cleaning company they can hence provide. This is much important to consider away when it comes to the cleanliness. Thus in most of the home-owner insurance, it does not always cover cleaning treatment or any repairs. So we would say that the home-owner should be much coming out as proactive in finding a reputable company who will install away with the excellent baiting system or treat the exterior to the timeline as to prevent infestations. Read More»


After you have invested so much energy and exertion (also the mind-blowing measure of cash!) To finish your home redesigns, wouldn’t it be decent to genuinely dispose of all the residue and have a last enumerating of your home before getting settled back in?
We provide our services in all areas of MontrealLaval, and LongueuilContact us now to get our services in these areas and all other places near them. Read More»


On the off chance that you are anticipating having visitors come over and you recently understood that your windows should be cleaned, contact Menage Total now. We offer crisis window washing administrations to guarantee that your house is prepared and your windows are shimmering before your visitors arrive. We comprehend that washing and cleaning of windows is a genuine assignment! Try not to squander your time on window cleaning. Our window cleaners in MontrealLaval and Longueuil guarantee to convey back the windows to the shining state inside hours. We have some expertise in Window Cleaning MontrealRead More»


Party Cleaning Service..! Everybody cherishes going to an exceptional occasion, yet party cleaning can be a gigantic measure of work and requires experts. On the off chance that you are arranging a unique occasion and need a cleaner for a short time later, or in case you’re the proprietor of an office, lobby or neighborhood night recognize, our staff at Menage Total will complete a careful activity cleaning your space. We provide quality services with Menage Total you will have profound party cleaning services. We provide our services in all areas of MontrealLaval, and Longueuil. Feel free to contact us and leave your party to us to make it best. Read More»


Is your business property introducing the correct picture to clients, customers, and workers? On the off chance that you aren’t utilizing proficient window cleaning administrations, you might establish an awful first connection without acknowledging it.
When you see an expanding every day, Also it’s anything but difficult to begin overlooking and soil streaking window sheets. Yet for new clients, these are the principal thing they see and are incredibly evident. Sign that your business isn’t all around thinking about. To guarantee you never lose a client because of an unkempt building outside, Menage Total Commercial window cleaners offer advantageous and viable business window cleaning in Montreal entrepreneurs can rely upon. Read More»


A school is a place where a number of children and people come, they come here and interact with each other. A number of germs and bacteria also come there. We Menage Total provide best cleaning services to schools in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We make germ free, clean and tidy the territory of schools. Our professional cleaning team cleans washrooms, classrooms, common rooms, staff room, and offices of school management. We give you the assurance of cleanliness and tidiness of school which is the most important thing to prevent decreases to prevail. We Menage Total provide furniture cleaning service also we clean the chairs, desks and other furniture of schools. We are providing school cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil cities. Read More»


Clean can enable you to get the ideal apartment cleanerMenage Total cleaning specialists are best at cleaning little spaces. We have an assortment of choices and spending plans for your place. As a result of the way Menage Total works, you can book a cleaning for a set time. We provide our services in all areas of MontrealLaval, and Longueuil. Read More»


When you wipe your hardwood floors they may look clean, yet you’re not expelling the majority of the earth from your floors. Except if you separate the earth from your floors it will subside into the breaks and cleft of the hardwood. This is the reason we prescribe an expert hardwood floor cleaning.
At Menage Total, we utilize our hardwood floor auto scrubber in our hardwood floor cleaning administration. This machine utilizes our protected wood floor cleaner and boiling water to really separate soil, leaving your hardwood floors as perfect as could reasonably be expected. Read More»


Daily cleaning services are the needs of schools, offices, and working customers who don’t have much time to do the cleaning of their house, office, and rooms. We Menage Total provide the best daily cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Everyone wants its residential place clean and tidy if you are doing a job or a businessman and want to get clean your house, apartment or office but you cannot do this by yourself, let us do this for you. Our professional team provides you with the daily cleaning service on many affordable rates. We clean each and every corner of your office, apartment, and house. Read More»


Menage Total Cleaning Service Montreal has long stretches of involvement in the cleaning business. Menage Total Cleaning Service Montreal has altered cleaning projects to address your issues. The Menage Total Cleaning Service Montreal is focused on furnishing your home or office with the best quality cleaning at aggressive costs. We work in private and business cleaning. Read More»


Every big business body or multi-national companies want to clean up their buildings. But they don’t do that by themselves, let us do that for you. We Menage Total provide big cleaning services in MontrealLaval, and Longueuil. Our professional cleaning team cleans big warehouses and wholesalers’ buildings. We provide cleaning services to banks, heavy duty buildings, and multi national companies. We clean up the hundreds of floors of your building and the surrounding too. We clean up the floors, cabinets, washrooms, and offices in big buildings. We clean up mirrors of windows, doors, and curtains. We remove spots from floors and tiles and bring back the shine of your floors and walls. Read More»


The furniture at your office has much significance, it gives a bad impression if your furniture is dirty and dusty. Menage Total provides office furniture cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We have a professional team which cleans up your office furniture without damaging the furniture. It cannot be neglected in a professional sitting because uncleaned furniture can give an odd impression about your efficiency. Menage Total has a keen interest and has a well-organized team which will make your office furniture neat and clean. We remove all spots and stains from chairs and other sitting material. Our professionals guarantee you the durability of your furniture and they do not damage your furniture. Read More»


When your guests visit, you feel embarrassed to say them to sit on dirty couch and sofa. We Menage Total provide couch cleaning service and make your couches like a new one. Our professional cleaning team will make them clean. You can’t avoid stains, spots, food crumbs, germs, and dust when your children, guests, and pets sit on couches. We use chemical free detergents in cleaning up your couches. We Menage Total provide this cleaning service throughout the year, 24 hours and 7 days a week. We enhance the life of your furniture and make it safe and healthy for you, your children and for your pets.
Read More»


No one wants its house dirty. Everyone wants to live in a neat clean and tidy house. We Menage Total provide a professional house cleaning service. It’s difficult for you to keep your house clean all the time when you’ve kids, you’re at job, school or somewhere else. Our professional cleaning team will clean up the mess spread in your house which have make your house dirty. We Menage Total have a professional staff which will clean up each and every corner of your house, From bedroom to toilet and lawn to roof. We guarantee you a cleaned and tidy house that you want. Our house cleaning team cleans your kitchen, living room and dining room in short each and every part of your house. We Menage Total provide you house cleaning service on a regular, weekly and monthly basis also on holidays. Read More»


Your garage cleaning is at a distance of a call, Menage Total provides you with a professional garage cleaning service. Our professional staff removes all messiness and unwanted things from your garage and make space clean for your vehicle to park. Our professional garage cleaning staff will remove spots from walls, stains from the floor, tiles and any type of wastage and unwanted things form your garage. We Menage Total provide garage cleaning up service in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We have a well-organized cleaning team which will give you your desired cleaned garage. Read More»


A cleaned workplace makes your workers more enthusiastic about their work. We Menage Total cleans up your factory with new technologies and new cleaning techniques methods. Menage Total has the experienced staff, knowledge, and reputation that you required often in cleaning confidential areas of
your factory. We have professional and committed staff which will clean your factory with tidiness and all your production technologies and methodology will be saved. We Menage Total makes your factory germs free and healthy workplace for you and your workers.. Read More»


A cleaned and free from germs mattress make your sleep enjoyable and healthy. We provide the most important cleaning service of mattress cleaning with health hazard liquid and chemical. Menage Total makes your mattress protective from bugs, germs, stains, and smell. We clean up your mattress at your own location in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Our professional staff cleans up the mattress of the business community and household customers. We use health friendly chemicals in cleaning up the mattress. We Menage Total make your mattress like a new one in a few minutes. Read More»


Mop cleaning is much necessary to bring back the shine of the floor and tiles. Menage Total provides you mop cleaning services, under the care of professional staff cleans up the floor and tiles of your house, office, school and shopping center with a mop. We clean up the floor and remove the dust and dirtiness with the mop. Menage Total. we guarantee you the durable shining of your floor and remove the tough stains from the floor. We don’t use health hazard chemicals in cleaning up the floors. Read More»


Customers visit your shopping malls, they transact and interact and left behind some wastage like wrappers and dust on the floor. Menage Total has a professional staff to clean shopping malls and shops in it. Regarding hard floor cleaning, tile floor cleaning, mat floor cleaning and disinfected mat cleaning. Also Menage Total provides all types of cleaning services in shopping malls. Cleans up floor, windows, door, and walls as well on regular intervals weekly or monthly basis in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We provide cleaning services seven days a week and 24 hours around the clock. Read More»


After your building construction completed there is a lot of wastage and unwanted things, matter and useless material on your site. We Menage Total offer you the post construction cleaning services to clean up your recently constructed building. Our professional staff will clean up your site more efficiently and carefully. Menage Total works with neatness and tidiness and cleans the garbage and wastage from your site. We Menage Total clean the surrounding of your site with day and night cleaning service also on holidays or weekends. Read More»


We Ménage total are the best cleaning company in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil regarding the guest room and hotel cleaning services. We provide our professional cleaning services on different nature of agreements. You can hire our cleaning services on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We have professional cleaning teams in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil which perform the cleaning services in these cities on economic rates.


Ménage total is proudly offering dirty place cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. The dirty places may be found in houses, business , nits and other commercial and residential buildings. We Ménage total has professional cleaning staff which cleans the dirty places whether these are in your house, apartment or in your business unit. We clean all the dirty places whether it is washroom cleaning, apartment cleaning, warehouse cleaning or any other place.


Guests and friends visit your house, you entertain in the drawing room after they left your house there is a mess in your drawing room. We Ménage total are offering our professional cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil regarding the drawing room cleaning. We clean the couches and sofas you have in your drawing room. Carpet and mirrors of windows and doors of your drawing room are also get cleaned by our professional cleaning staff.


Restroom cleaning is much important for everyone because no one can sleep in a dirty and messy restroom. Ménage total is proudly providing the best cleaning services regarding restroom. We provide detailed restroom cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We pay special attention to restroom cleaning because it matters a lot for your mental satisfaction and peace. We use health friendly detergents and soaps in cleaning the restroom.


Ménage Total provides all types of residential and commercial cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We are proudly providing hotel cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We clean each and every portion of the hotel. Our hotel cleaning services are the best and are at many economical rates. We have professional cleaning staff which is well trained and friendly in nature. We provide hotel cleaning services without creating any hurdle and uneasiness.


We Ménage total are proudly providing the commercial house cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We are providing professional cleaning services on a commercial basis. You can get our cleaning services on different agreements. You can get in a daily cleaning agreement, weekly or monthly cleaning service agreement. Our professional cleaning staff has a special aptitude toward commercial house cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.


The room where you have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner appeals the most for cleaning. We Ménage total is providing the best dining room cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We clean the food crumbs from your dining room. We remove the spots and stains from the floor and walls of the dining room. We use health friendly detergents and soaps in cleaning the dining room. Our professional cleaning teams clean the dining rooms with such a care that utensils and equipment over there would be save and unbroken.


If you want to get fast and quick house cleaning services just call the Ménage total cleaning company to do this for you. We are providing the best, fast and quick house cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We have much effect and elegant cleaning staffs which perform the cleaning work with full of efficiency. We remove trash in no time, clear the cobwebs and do a detailed dusting of your house. We provide the quickest cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.


Ménage total provides the best, fast and quick office cleaning services. We have professional cleaning teams which clean your offices full of care and efficiency. They clean the floor to remove the spot from the floor and walls of your office. Our cleaning staff cleans the mirrors of windows and doors so quickly and without disturbing you’re working. We are providing our rapid, fast and quick office cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil at quite acceptable and economical rates.


The carpet you have in your house experience a lot of dirt and germs on it. We Ménage total offering you the rapid, fast and quick carpet cleaning services. We clean the carpet in no time. We use health friendly detergents and soaps in carpet cleaning. Our professionally trained cleaning staff cleans the carpet with full of care that no dirt left behind on the carpet. We give you a feeling of a new carpet after cleaning it. Ménage Total provides quick carpet cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.


Ménage total is providing house cleaning lady services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We have professionally trained staff which does the best cleaning of your house, apartment, and office. We have female cleaning staff as well which can provide all housekeeping services to you. Our house cleaning lady services are available in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.


Home maintenance is a difficult task to do for working and business doing persons. We Ménage total perform home maintenance for you in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We do all the cleaning works off your home and keep it clean. We have professionally trained staff which performs the entire home maintenance task in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.


Office cleaning is a tough job to do for an ordinary person. We Ménage total has professionally trained teams which do the office cleaning works with full efficiency. Our cleaning staff cleans the floor of your offices and makes spotless and shiny the mirrors of your office windows and doors. They do a detailed dusting and remove stains from the office walls. Our professionally trained cleaning staff has a special aptitude toward office cleaning. We Ménage total are providing office cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.


A kitchen is a place which requires being cleaned and tidy because you don’t want it dirty untidy and germy at all. We Ménage total are providing the best kitchen cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. We have a professional cleaning team which cleans your kitchen full of care and according to your requirements. They clean the sink, countertops, stovetops, and bottom of the refrigerator. They do dusting and remove the spots from the kitchen floor and walls of the kitchen.


Garden is placed in your house where you spend your leisure time and feel peace and pleasure there. We Ménage total are providing the best garden cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. The garden cleaning includes the removal of bushes and unwanted things from your garden. We replace reseed the plants and make new wreath where it is needed. Our garden cleaning team trims the grass and fences the wreath and put stones around the plants for beauty and safety.


Some people don’t want regular cleaning as their needs are quite different about cleaning services. We Menage total are proudly offering contract cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and, Longueuil. You can get our cleaning services as and when you are in need of cleaning services. You can come in a contract with Ménage total to get the best ever cleaning services. We have professionally trained cleaning staff and our rates are quite economical.


The Menage Total Cleaners provides high-quality service to ensure your home is cleaned and maintained to the highest standards. We work around your schedule. We can come to clean each week, biweekly or even daily or every other day at times to suit you. Our Cleaning Services Montreal is flexible and affordable. We have experience and provide personalized Cleaning Services Montreal to facilitate your life on a day to day basis. Our staff is highly trained, bonded and fully insured. Menage Total Cleaners protecting the environment is of paramount importance to us. That's why we use organic, eco-friendly efficient cleaning solutions. We are happy to make your home spotless in no time.

Wood Floor Cleaning


Our Apartment Cleaning Services Montreal framework separates us. Our clients continue returning to us, since we give benefits that work and keep their homes and apartments perfect, directly down to the little points of interest. This full Apartment Cleaning Service, which we call our Detailed Clean Rotation System, has been turned out to be compelling in more than twenty million cleans!

We begin with a careful detail-clean all through your flat finished the course of our initially two cleans. On the central clean, our Maids Montreal administration will completely clean your loft, with different consideration on your kitchen and restrooms. On the second session, We Also clean your whole condo yet this time. We Also give detail-clean administrations in your resting and living regions. We'll keep on maintaining this detail-clean level all through your home all through our following visits by providing profound Cleaning Service Montreal on a pivoting premise.


As Airbnb hosts, it’s crucial to remember the standards of cleaning service in terms of hospitality. The largest and most critical standard in cleanliness. Forget what’s acceptable in your home for you and start thinking how each and every new guest needs a flawless space to be welcomed too. This means from top to bottom, every inch of your Airbnb Longueuil space must be spotless after each guest checks out.

Our Best Airbnb Cleaning Services include:

Staircase/Hallway For example
  • Cleaning and polishing the front door
  • Vacuum clean and mopping the floor
  • Dusting picture frames, mirrors, furniture, and skirting boards


Residential Cleaning Services Montreal

Don’t you feel like life is too short to clean your house? If you do, then you should save your precious time by hiring us for the Residential Cleaning Services. We  Menage Total deal with cleaning every small and large part of your house, from your carpet to sofa set and from your bedroom to the kitchen room, we clean everything. We use vacuum pumps for gathering all the garbage stuff from your house below the sofa or bed. We provide periodical maintenance and cleanliness inspection at regular intervals. We provide our Cleaning Services at just one call at your doorstep.

Our Best Residential Cleaning Services in Montreal Include:


We offer all type of floor Cleaning Services like Cement, Slate, and Marble etc. Our Montreal Cleaning Services providing team is professional and experienced. The entire team members are loyal to their work. They can professionally clean floor, Basement, windows, mirror, home, and office as well as commercial area etc. From the residential room to Commercial Office place, our cleaner well cleaned and polished properly look like as it is new again. We are available here to fulfill your entire house or office floor cleaning and care needs. Our Floor Cleaning Services providing team won’t quit until your satisfaction with our work.

Floor buffing and polishing

The buffer will polish the floor and make it shiny and good looking. We use advanced buffers which is the power tool used to buff the surface and squeegees the gathered dirt and moisture. Buffering restores the smoothness of the floors.

Services de nettoyage des sols



The Office Cleaning Services Montreal is the place that always looks well settle, eco-friendly environment, reliable and well maintained and to maintain all these things the main asset which plays an important role is the cleaning.
To consider all these things we as a Menage total particularly offers and allowing all our customers the finest and flexible office cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil as well.
The thing that makes our cleaning credentials remarkable and reputable from others is that we strongly and firmly believe in Potential, vital and quality works. For us, the essential thing is to provide our customers with the perfect office cleaning services that make a tremendous impression and become the reason for inspiration for others. And to make and always tries to provide all these facilities we focus on our quality services and be very much picky to choose our well trained, experienced and skilled staff members.


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High Level Cleaning Services

Menage Total High-Level Cleaning Service Ménage total is providing its best cleaning services in a number of cities including Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. In fact, we are offering a vast range of our best cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil. Moreover, our excellent cleaning services charges are quite affordable. After all, we are providing the
Big Cleaning ServiceRead more +19 March 2019 By admin in Cleaning Services Montreal, Cleaning Services Montreal and laval, Commercial Cleaning Montreal, Commercial Housekeeping Services, Daily Cleaning Service Montreal, Home Cleaners, House Cleaning Montreal, house cleaning services, Housekeeping Services Montreal, Monthly Cleaning Service Montreal, Montreal cleaning services, Montreal Cleaning Services, Montreal Commercial, Montreal House Cleaning, residential cleaning montreal, Residential Cleaning Services, residential cleaning services montreal

Big Cleaning Services Montreal

Menage Total Big cleaning Big cleaning with Ménage Total professional cleaning services will help you get your house and work place cleaned. Professional cleaning services are effective for you, no doubt. Firstly, you can save your time, save energy from big cleaning, and get a professional cleaning staff in efficient prices! Ménage Total professional cleaning
Deep Cleaning ServicesRead more +19 March 2019 By admin in Cleaning Services Montreal, Cleaning Services Montreal and laval, Commercial Cleaning Montreal, Commercial Housekeeping Services, Daily Cleaning Service Montreal, Home Cleaners, House Cleaning Montreal, house cleaning services, Housekeeping Services Montreal, Monthly Cleaning Service Montreal, Montreal cleaning services, Montreal Cleaning Services, Montreal Commercial, Montreal House Cleaning, residential cleaning montreal, Residential Cleaning Services, residential cleaning services montreal

Deep Cleaning Montreal

Deep cleaning You know what is deep cleaning? Deep cleaning is thorough cleaning of houses and household items and appliances. Such as deep home spring cleaning services, refrigerator cleaning services, oven cleaning services, carpets and rugs cleaning services. In our deep cleaning services, Ménage Total’ professional cleaning services Montreal will help you get rid of


"Love this service! We've been using them for regular 2 week cleanings for the last 2 months and have been extremely happy and impressed with the service. They are very responsive to email (which is my preferred method of communication) and very professional on the phone as well. The house cleaning is always very thorough and well done! The reasonable price allows us to have them come every other week. We have been so pleased with this service. From the management to the house cleaning crew, they are a class act"


"As expected, the second cleaning was an equally positive experience. Did a great job cleaning the apartment, I'm certainly going to continue using this service and recommending it to anyone who needs a cleaner."

Luís Gonçalo


"Company with great seriousness and outstanding efficiency which allows me the recommender around me. I would like to thank you for washing my windows which was outstanding"




For High Quality Service, We Suggest that We Come to your Home or Workplace to Inspect and Assess the Region that Needs Cleaning. This Will be Done at Entirely No Cost.


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