As Airbnb hosts, it’s crucial to remember the standards of service in terms of hospitality. The most significant and most critical standard in cleanliness. Forget what’s acceptable in your home for you and start thinking about how every new guest needs a perfect space to be welcomed too. This means from top to bottom, every inch of your Airbnb space must be spotless after each guest checks out. We call this “turning over”. It is an absolute necessity and not something that can be done unsatisfactorily, and so Menage Total now brings you exclusive offers to clear away all the littler and debris out of your Airbnb by giving the best Airbnb Cleaning Services.

Menage total was in residential and economic Airbnb Cleaning Services industry since 2010. During all these years of practice, we have built a dependable authority. We aim to administer Airbnb Cleaning Services and high-quality household help to large regions of Montreal moreover than selecting the best cleaning products. All this means that our cleaning staff, devoted and motivated, will serve you for the long term. As well as the company that will be present all the time to bring you all the support and assurance you need.

Menage total Provide Best Cleaning Services

We aim to provide you with a time-saving alternative that easily tackles one of the disputes that come with rentals so you can focus on more important things. When your renters leave, we will send a cleaner to clean up the place and prepare it for your next guests. Therefore, the maid will pay particular consideration to the bathroom and kitchen area, making sure all surfaces are left spotless. Also, if you have any specific requirements, please make sure to case them in advance, and they will be taken care of. Check-in and check-out reports with before-and-after pictures will be made so you can see that the property has been spruced up and readied property.

Our Best Airbnb Cleaning Services include:

Staircase/Hallway For example
  • Cleaning and polishing the front door
  • Vacuum clean and mopping the floor
  • Dusting picture frames, mirrors, furniture, and skirting boards
  • Dust all reachable surfaces and skirting boards
  • Wipe doors and handles, light switches
  • Dust blinds and clean windows on the inside
  • Vacuum behind/under furniture and mop the floor
  • Washing of all surfaces
  • Polishing the tiles, toilet bowl, bathtub, shower cabin, mirror, sink
  • Mopping the floor

To sum up, We are sure that our work won't dissatisfy you all. Therefore, give us a chance to serve you for the better. Visit for more details

Airbnb Cleaning Services

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