Daycare & School Cleaning Services

In fact, understanding the requirements of kindergarten cleaning is of great importance overall. After all, a clean and hygienic school creates the right environment for enjoyable learning. Not to mention, at Menage Total, we are aware of this fact. Not only but also, that's why we use eco-friendly products, no chemicals so there are no safeguarding issues.  All things considered, we have a solid experience in cleaning kindergartens and educational establishments.

To attain the goal, special considerations, materials, and equipment is a requirement. Yet, consideration is to maintain reasonable and competitive costs, too. A clean, healthy environment will also enhance your school’s image and marketability.

Below you can find our typical daycare and school cleaning services:

  • clean & disinfect infant & toddler rooms
  • clean desk & chair
  • toy washing
  • floor sweeping and mopping
  •  Sanitizing bathrooms (includes sinks, tubs, and commodes)
  • trash removal from all areas of the facility to outside containers
  • cleaning Sitting rooms
  • Also sanitizing Playrooms
  •  Dining Areas Sanitizing
  •  Furniture fixtures Cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning and sanitizing  (includes sinks, tubs, and commodes)
  • stripping and refinishing floors