Menage Total Bathroom cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil & West Island

This is one place in your house that needs proper attention first.  Bathroom cleaning services Regular follow-up cleanings are lighter. That helps you avoid mould, mildew and another sort of buildup. Moreover,  that can rapidly occur in bathrooms.  Not to mention, it is always better to get your bathroom cleaning services or toilets clean. In the first place,  regularly to ensure the site is clean and germ-free. You can avail our bathroom cleaning services that include cleaning the outer of bathroom cabinets, wiping the bathroom mirrors clean, washing sinks and faucets, disinfecting the bathroom tub, shower area and bathroom floor.

Get the best Bathroom cleaning services Montreal, Laval, Longueuil

Looking for professional bathroom cleaners in Montreal? Not finding time to clean your bathrooms? Worry not. At Menage Total Bathroom cleaning service, Menage Total offer service providers who can provide the highest quality of bathroom cleaning and free the toilets cleaning from foul odours. You can book Menage Total services and then, in fact, ménage total professional cleaners will be right at your doorsteps at the scheduled time.

One-stop solution for all bathroom tile cleaning services

Menage Total professional bathroom cleaning team will clean your dirty tiles in your bathroom. You can also avail Menage Total washroom cleaning services. Menage Total not only but also has all the services that can keep your bathroom clean, bright Tidy and germ-free.

One of the most dreaded household chores is the responsibility of bathroom cleaning. They’re likely the most-used rooms in any house, apartment or office, and are generally not the cleanest environments! As such, they need frequent cleaning, which is not most people’s idea of fun. Let Menage Total take that responsibility off your hands with their fantastic bathroom cleaning services!

At Menage Total, they understand that you may not have the time, energy or desire to keep up with the constant bathroom cleaning work. You have better things to take care of, so let Menage Total keep those sinks, toilets, and tubs fresh and clean for you.

Professional Bathroom Cleaning

Menage Total has all the best providers of professional bathroom cleaning services on hand, and they’re ready with a selection of brushes, towels, and sanitizers waiting to serve you. Having searched for the best in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil & West Island, Ménage Total partners with companies only after putting them through an all-encompassing verification process, including background checks, performance histories, and customer satisfaction ratings. Only the best are invited to become a Menage Total  Cleaning partner, and you better believe this attitude extends to bathroom cleaning services.

Cleaning Job

No matter how large or small your bathroom cleaning job is,  in fact, and moreover, you can get a free quote anytime, day or night. You also book your work online and pay online through our secure payment system. The crew will show up overall on time and clean your bathrooms in a cheerful, friendly manner. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Trust Menage Total get your bathroom cleaning services underway and take that bathroom cleaning responsibility out of your hands. Call us today at (514)-654-4988 or breeze your way through Menage Total simple online inquiry form to get your no-obligation quote.



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Ménage total was in residential and commercial cleaning services industry since 2010. During all these years of practice, not to mention, Ménage Total has built a solid foundation. Ménage Total mission overall is to provide home cleaning services and high-quality household help to large regions of Montreal moreover than selecting the best cleaning products. Ménage Total know that your home is precious to you Menage Total residential cleaning service is built around the idea of providing you discretion and reliability. All this means that their housekeeping team, committed and motivated, will serve you for the long term. As well as the company that will be present all the time to bring you all the support and confidence you need.


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