Doors can be the most neglected part of cleaning and may seem a daunting task to clean. We at Montreal Door Cleaning Services show some love to the exterior and interior doors to make it simple to clean them at your home.

Wood doors need a different cleaning solution than indoor, painted or glass doors and we at Montreal door cleaning services provide best cleaning products to your satisfaction and needs.

Services Provided:

Dust Doors:

Moreover, we remove the surface dust before applying any type of cleaning solution. Not to mention, clean it with paper towels to wipe down door surfaces cleaning the bacteria. Using heavy duty paper towel cleaning product ensures that bacteria don’t transfer dirt from one door to the other.

Wood Door:

We at Montreal Door Cleaning Services use state of the art products for the wood door with staining we use a unique cleaning product of furniture wax or polish to wipe down dirt and give the door a beautiful clean glow.

Painted Doors:

We at Montreal Door Cleaning Services make sure to use diluted cleaning product so that itn doesn’t strip the color of the door.

Inside Doors:

We use diluted water and dish soap product mixture to remove any loose dirt and scuff marks caused by kids or pets and then try with our paper towel product.

Glass Doors.

We at Montreal Door Cleaning service clean and wipe down glass doors with diluted water and dish soap mixture cleaning product and use a special glass cleaner to make it look great with our eco-friendly cleaning products.

Shower Doors:

We at Montreal Door cleaning services use attested glass cleaning products and white vinegar to remove soap scum and wipe it down to clean ending the finish with a paper towel so that your shower door look like new with a nice shine and to look clean longer.

For any customized service feel free to contact us and avail our best services at an affordable price.