In the first place, whether you rent or own your house, keeping even the smallest space l the best can be an uphill struggle. There’s nothing more deflating than coming home to a messy home. In the end, it is more stressful than having to try and hide the mess under the couch.

The Menage Total House cleaning can deliver the best services in house cleaningBook a house cleaning staff through the Menage Total Montreal at your free time.

Affordable and Flexible

With Menage Total House Cleaning Montreal allows you to book the best house cleaning services for your needs at a flexible and affordable price. No matter how big or small, the house might be. Your requirement is flexible and can often change and Menage Total House Cleaning Montreal guarantee flexibility and affordability.

House Cleaning Services

The Menage Total House Cleaning Montreal is the best House cleaning service has professional and skilled staff. Your requirement might be different. Instead of a regular clean, you might need house cleaning service either when it is empty or in a loving family. Perhaps you need to prepare for a party and don’t have the time to get the bathroom cleaned.  The party happened last night and you’re looking at more of a mess than you expected!

Your Time

The Menage Total Apartment Cleaning Montreal is easy to use service, whether you connect with us through the website or telephone. Enter your zip code, plus a few details about the size of your apartment, and within seconds you’ll receive our professional staff at your doorstep,

Services Include:

Kitchen Cleaning

  • All benches/surfaces scrubbed and dried
  • Exteriors of cupboards wiped down
  • Dishes washed
  • Stovetop wiped down
  • Thorough clean of sink/tap/faucets
  • Grease removed from backing tiles
  • Appliances wiped down
  • Floor hoovered and mopped

Bedroom Cleaning

  • Bed made
  • Floors hoovered and mopped
  • Surfaces/ belongings dusted
  • General tidying of belongings

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Mirrors
  • Tiled surfaces dusted and wiped down
  • A general dusting of shelving/belongings
  • Toilet
  • Bathtub/shower
  • Tap and faucets removed of calc buildup
  • Plug holes cleaned

Living Area Cleaning

  • Rugs hoovered/beaten
  • The general dusting of shelves/surfaces/electrical
  • Surfaces/tables wiped down
  • Floors hoovered and mopped
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