Well, there is nothing wrong to say this that spring is the season that comes with lots of fresh and new blossoming flowers. Where you can feel the fragrance of fresh air barely and the sounds of birds chirping

We know that every season has its beauty and according to this, it is also essential and important to make our place clean. No matter if the place is commercial, office or your residential the thing that is consider as a dire need is to make the place spotless and shiny like a new one and to consider all these things and aspects the one thing that is clear and plays a major role and is also necessary to do is the complete cleaning or deep cleaning services.
• Most of the time people offer and prefer the deep and special cleaning services when they have any special or occasional event. But except this deep and complete cleaning is also essential when it comes about your living place.
• Anyhow, coming back to the point, so the spring and fall cleaning services is also effective and essential for all. No matter whether it is about home, residential, office or anything else places we as a menage total.com cleaning services company offer to all our clients the fully spring and fall services cleaning. As we know how much essential it is to clean the place and make it spotless.
• But this is not the end, we as a menage total.com cleaning services company also offers to our clients the fully eco-friendly and healthy environment cleaning. Rests the products which we use during the time of cleaning are fully secure and harmless (that contains no side effects), organic and highly effective for the remarkable cleaning services.
• To continue this, we also feel proud to herald this that our cleaning services company also expanding its ways slowly and gradually and also offer the all kinds of cleaning services credentials in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil as well As, our main motto is to provide you the maximum quality services in a reliable, flexible and sophisticated way.
• Including this, except Laval, Longueuil, and Montréal we are also expanding our services in other places as well.
• So let’s get the ball rolling, and have a look on some of the major and minor menage total.com fall and spring cleaning services that we offer to our clients.


• Dusting all the curtains
• Deep cleaning
• Dusting all the mini blinds
• Clean the refrigerator
• Clean the freezer
• Clean all the cabinets
• Clean all the drawers
• Wipe down all the major and minor accessories/ Equipment
• Door frames cleaning
• Vacuum the floor
• Mopping the kitchen floor
• Oven deep cleaning
• Clean all the counters
• Backsplash cleaning
• Hood and vent sanitizing and cleaning
• Degrease the spatters

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home clean out business


• bathroom fan cleaning and dusting
• vanity in de-clutter
• vanity out de-clutter
• complete drawers cleaning
• mirrors cleaning
• hard water cleaning
• deep cleaning
• shower tubs cleaning
• sweeping the floor
• vacuuming the floor
• mopping the floor
• dusting and replace all the decorative items
• remove all the marks/ spots
• remove the finger spots
• clean and wash all the surfaces and tops


• cleaning and wiping all the wardrobes
• cleaning and wiping all the drawers
• wipe all the picture frames
• wipe all the lamp shades
• remove all the dirt
• remove all the stains, spots an finger spots marks
• furniture cleaning
• complete dusting
• baseboards cleaning
• carpet vacuuming
• ceiling corners dusting
• window sills cleaning
• light fixtures cleaning
• hard floor mop cleaning

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• dusting and lighting fixtures
• ceiling fans cleaning
• vacuum the all floor
• under furniture vacuuming
• carpet vacuuming
• light switches wipe down
• ceiling wipe down
• dusting all the doors
• frames and door frames cleaning and dusting
• baseboards dusting and cleaning

  • sports centre cleaning services

    5 Simple Steps To Keep your Sports Centre Clean

    5 Simple Steps To Keep your Sports Centre Clean If you are running a sports centre cleaning services and gymnasium in your locality, you will face many challenges. The least of all the challenges that you might face will be your cleaning woes. It is pertinent that you keep the sports centre cleaning services clean and dry. The cleanliness of your sports centre and gymnasium plays an important role in deciding the number of members who join your place. A pleasant smelling place is the secret of more happy members. Now, you can easily maintain the cleanliness of your sports centre cleaning services by following the five simple steps. Apply water-proof and Anti-slip coatings on your floors Your sports centre is sure to be filled with sweat drops. There is no way that you are going to deal with it. So, apply a waterproof coating and the high-tech Anti-Slip Nano-coating to your floors. This will ensure that nobody slips on the floor. If it is a wooden floor, then lay synthetic carpets which can make it easier to clean. Paste signs and reminders asking the members to place the things at the right place One more important steps in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of your gym are by reminding the members to keep the weights, rods, balls, chains and other equipment at their respective places. Place ample of signs, placards and reminders, along with the motivational posters on the wall. This will ensure quick cleaning of the gym. Allow snacks and drinks only in the cafeteria area While it will be too hard to curtail the members from having any snacks, drinks or other eatables, you can have a separate cafeteria, where the members can enjoy these foods. This will make sure that your gym stays clean and devoid of papers and wrappers. Place doormats and remind people to use it Doormats play a vital role in segregating the dust and dirt from the shoes of the members. Make it a policy and ensure that all your members use the doormats, even if their shoes are clean. Have a water absorbing mat near and outside of the restrooms. This will make sure that your sports centre cleaning services remains dry and is free of any foul smells. Always place a trash bin inside the gym No matter how hard you impose the other rules, some members are sure to break them. You cannot act too harsh on them. However, you can simply place a couple of trash cans on the corners of the sports centre, which the members can use freely. This will make sure that you place remains clean and tidy. As you see, you can easily ensure the cleanliness of your sports centre by following five simple steps. However, if the place ends up getting dirty, you need not worry. You need not toil yourselves with the tough task of cleaning the sports centre. You can simply call us. Our sports centre cleaning services will make sure that you have a clean and spotless gymnasium, ready for our members.…...

    June 30, 2018
  • Menage Total Is Always Promised

    Menage Total is always promised for the best performance in cleaning services,we offer you the installation of cleaning for the residential and commercial sectors. Simply put, we mean that our service will not disappoint you. Rapid cleaning service is our specialty. But you do not have to you as it is our responsibility. Cleaning during the time helps to keep in control and an expert profound clean more than once per year keeps up a perfect home throughout the entire year. Across the country, Cleaning Services have numerous long periods of cleaning knowledge and give spring profound cleaning during a period that suits you. A perfect and agreeable home decreases pressure, particularly if the experts take the necessary steps for you! Giving profound spring cleaning in your: Lounge Bedroom Kitchen And everything in the middle! Simply let us comprehend what your necessities are and we can organize an arrangement to address your issues. Book a profound spring clean today and evade any changeless stains or unattractive earth settling into your home before it’s past the point of no return. Somewhat like a chipped windscreen; arranging a profound, exhaustive clean will expel stains and microorganisms before they begin to make themselves at home! We will clean… Clean all evading sheets and altogether wash entryways Clean window casings, attachments, and switches Clean inside and outside of all kitchen machines Sweep and wash hard surface floors Clean all worktops, pantries, and surfaces Clean sinks, window sills, and door jambs Motivations to Use Us We are dependable in 99% cases We are full upgraded DBS checked. We bring and utilize our own cleaning items. All our staff individuals are amenable and persevering We offer 24-hour deals and support privately based We can take a shot at your appropriate date, day and time We are neighborhood, legitimate, devoted and focused on your greatness Across the country, Cleaning Services offers a full scope of stove cleaning administrations. Regardless of how profoundly imbued the oil and carbon, we can get your stove looking comparable to new. We utilize the most recent, most effective broiler cleaning hardware and our cleaners are completely safeguarded and profoundly prepared. We are mindful so as to utilize the most secure and most naturally well-disposed items guaranteeing your stove stays lethal free. You’ll be flabbergasted at the shimmering completion of your stove. We clean a wide range of boilers, from rangemasters, to Agas, to Microwaves, to Barbeques to whatever else you can consider! We will clean… Professional, very prepared, stove cleaning professionals Fully guaranteed administrations + additional quality cleaners 24/7 Cleaning Support CANADA Nationwide Entire broiler from racks, to hobbs, to barbecues, to skillet Remove all oil, grime, earth, consumed on determined sustenance Gas hobs, artistic, rangemasters and some more! Motivations to Use Us We are reliable in 99% cases We are full upgraded DBS checked. We bring and utilize our own particular cleaning items. All our staff individuals are pleasant and persevering We offer 24-hour deals and support privately based We can take a shot at your appropriate date, day and time We are nearby, genuine, devoted and focused on your greatness For the safety of your family members, you naturally expect a healthier cleaning. Our effective cleaning process is remarkable for removing bacteria and microbes to a great extent. We use this type of products that will not affect the health of your beloved family members family.…...

    June 29, 2018
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    Menage Total Cleaning Services The House Cleaning Experts at Menage Total know from experience the daunting challenge of maintaining a clean and orderly home amidst the chaos of our everyday lives. While most people rarely have time to deep clean their home, simply keeping up with a few basic chores each day allows homeowners to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness. Spending just a few minutes a day strategically tidying up your home assures that you will never again have to spend hours cleaning before company arrives. Here are a few tasks that most of us can try to do each day: Wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters, sinks and fixtures as needed with a disinfecting wipe or multi-purpose cleaner Wash any dishes left in the sink Sweep the kitchen floor Do a nightly tidy — clear away clutter left on surfaces and put things back where they belong The following weekly tasks will support your daily efforts: Spot vacuum or sweep as necessary Wipe down fronts of appliances and stove tops Clean up spills that were not thoroughly cleaned Clean bathroom mirrors Washroom Cleaning Finish laundry and put away clean clothes Change towels and sheets Take out the trash Monthly: Wipe down insides of microwave and fridge Clean and polish wood floors Dust blinds Clean glass Follow these steps to make your home a clean, healthy and relaxing environment for your family and friends to enjoy. If it has been awhile since your last home cleaning, it can be helpful to bring in a professional to get your home into top shape so it will be easier to maintain after establishing a baseline of cleanliness. If you don’t have time for the routine, Clean Corners offers budget-friendly residential cleaning services and customized weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, seasonal or one-time specialty cleanings. For more information about Menage Total, please Contact the cleaning specialists at Menage Total or call our office directly at (514)-654-4988.…...

    June 28, 2018
  • Commercial Cleaning Services / Residential Cleaning Services

    There are following tips and tricks to keep your house according to your choice. It is necessary to keep a house clean, safe and healthy for everyone living in a home. Every woman needs some special and best kind of tips and tricks for their daily housekeeping activities. Even there are existing cleaning services in Montreal for those who think that cleaning their home is a pathetic and difficult task. There are following tips for those who love to clean their home with full concentration: Clean the doormats It includes your light shades and curtains. Prearranged your dryer something to do and chuck, even toss pads, draperies, and window hangings in the dryer for 15 minutes on the “air-just” cycle, then rehang punctually to avoid wrinkles. Changing your Mattress Press immovably with your vacuum’s upholstery and cleft instruments to clean the sides. Then, spot-clean stains with upholstery cleaner or mellow suds. Subsequent to splashing, let dry, then sterilize with a disinfectant shower like. Spring cleaning is the ideal time to pay consideration to the thing under the sheets. If you have no time to clean your home, you can also try cleaning services in Montreal for the best kind of housekeeping. Decrease the grease from the cabinets Sticky kitchen grime is a blend of tidy and oil that is imperceptible until it develops. Do an additional go around entryway and drawer pulls and different spots where oil gathers. To de-junk, we like “bureau cream.” It slices through the earth and leaves wood moisturized. Run the fumes hood over your range each time you cook to keep oil from settling. Dig into Clean Water Recolored spaces between your tile are a genuine imperfection. To repair that brisk, blend 3/4 glass family unit chlorine blanch with 1-gallon water. Be mindful so as not to let the fluid splash onto encompassing surfaces. Give it a chance to sit for a few minutes, then scour and wash. Wear elastic gloves and eye assurance. Utilise a firm brush to apply to one little region at once. See More: Commercial Cleaning Services Residential Cleaning Services Clean Cutting BoardsRub the cut side of a lemon over the board to expel nourishment stains and smells. On the off chance that you believe that awful red stamp is lasting, you’re off-base. Clean Oven JunkAt that point sprinkle some preparing pop and include only a couple drops of white vinegar. After tenderly chipping off any free pieces from your range, generously spritz copied on nourishment with smelling salts from a splash bottle. Give it a chance to rise for a moment or two, then whisk away the grime with a scour wipe. Manage your Lounge Furniture To do this, include a squirt of dish cleanser to a bowl of warm water, then wipe down tables and seats. Complete everything off with a shower of water from the garden hose. With the warm climate practically here, it’s an ideal opportunity to get your open-air furniture prepared to utilize. In case you are not satisfied with your professional cleaning then you are free to call the cleaning services Montreal.…...

    June 27, 2018
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    Would you like an honest, reliable & Feasible police-checked domestic cleaner to clean & perfect care for your home? Tell Would you like the same reliable dedicated house cleaner each week? Would you like your home cleaners to be checked and referenced in their own house? WHY USE MENAGE TOTAL MONTREAL, LAVAL? PROPER VETTED CLEANERS FEASIBLE PRICES OWN ACCOUNT MANAGER IDENTITY CHECKED CLEANERS SAME CLEANER EACH WEEK MENAGE TOTAL MONTREAL, LAVAL SERVICES MENAGE TOTAL HOUSEHOLD CLEANING Time for you gives legitimately screened and considered independently employed, low maintenance easygoing local cleaners to private families. The errands performed would ordinarily incorporate ordinary family unit cleaning obligations, for example, vacuuming, tidying, washing down paintwork, cleaning toilets and restrooms (and relying upon establishment territories) pressing. Anyway, it is you the customer who gets the chance to decide the errands played out every week empowering you to get the cleaning that gives you TIME FOR YOU! We clean your home so you don’t need to! Menage Total Montreal, Laval Services know the estimation of extra time. You should invest in quality energy, regardless of whether it be hitting the fairway, shopping, perusing a book or just investing additional time with your family. All things considered, time is limited! Life is too short to invest your free energy cleaning! We believe life is too short to spend it cleaning… TIME FOR YOU INTRODUCES EXPERT PART-TIME CASUAL HOUSE CLEANERS. TIME FOR YOU IS THE MONTREAL, LAVAL PREMIER HOUSE CLEANER COMPANY, CLEANING HOUSES SINCE 2010. All Menage Total expert and friendly cleaning office and Residential cleaners operate locally enabling you to receive a professional, trustworthy and effective regular house cleaning service. ·   SELECTION Before Menage Total expert and friendly select a cleaner who will carry out your home cleaning to your personal requirement, We Menage Total carefully check their references and vet them in their own homes to determine the high standards required.  Next Menage Total House Cleaners look for the right attitude and personality in the person to whom Our Superior Montreal Cleaning service will trust to care and clean your house. You will get the opportunity to meet your cleaner preceding the cleaning beginning. That way you’ll have the capacity to unwind, positive about the learning that your home will be cleaned by somebody you’ve just met, who’ll be appropriately propelled and you’ll get the same, general cleaner every week. Prestigious for our phenomenal client housekeeping administration with a strong duty, we are likewise pleased to offer exceedingly aggressive rates. DEDICATION You will get a spurred, dependable independently employed cleaner. All we ask is that you employ our service for at least 2 hours for every week finished a multi-week term which will give you an opportunity to guarantee the correct housekeeper has been acquainted with you and that you are upbeat to proceed with our service on a moving month to month facility. For cordial and expert housekeeping – please type your postcode into the ‘Discover A Cleaner’ box, see the upper right-hand corner of this page. You get eminent housekeeping services that convey convective for cash and quality outcomes without fail, utilizing a genuinely extraordinary house keeping services. From a solitary clean through to contract cleaning . The Menage Total Montreal, Laval Cleaning Company can offer an services to suit your necessities Private Cleaning Discover how our group of devoted proficient cleaners can come to your home and give all your cleaning needs Business Cleaning Discover how our group of devoted proficient cleaners can help all entrepreneurs in giving an entire service Get in touch with Menage Total Montreal, Laval In the event that you might want to examine your necessities at that point please utilize the this contact page to...

    June 26, 2018
  • Menage Total West island Cleaning Company

    Menage Total West Island Cleaning Company A clean house is a happy home. Menage Total West Island Cleaning Company brings professional home cleaning services right to your doorstep across Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. All Menage Total agents are background verified and equipped with the latest equipment and green products to ensure that your house is left spotlessly clean and sanitized. Choose from a wide range of Menage Total Cleaning services ranging from deep home cleaning, sofa cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, loft cleaning, balcony cleaning, carpet cleaning, fridge cleaning, mattress cleaning, office cleaning and a whole lot more services! Menage Total the West island Cleaning company You Need Ménage Total West island Cleaning Company Home A healthy house is a happy home. Ménage Total cleaning solutions are specifically designed so that every nook and corner of your house shines like new! West island Cleaning Company Office A Clean workplace is an Efficient and Profitable Office! Keeping it completely cleans and thoroughly sanitized will not only create a pure ambiance for your employees, but it will also give your clients a welcoming feel! West island Cleaning Company Sofa Your sofa is probably your most used spot and deserves to be neat, tidy and stain-free. Menage Total sofa cleaning techniques will ensure just that and make it look new! West island Cleaning Company Loft Your loft collects heaps of dust and dirt and can even house unwanted pests. Get your hard-to-reach loft cleaned and organized today by our professional loft cleaners! West island Cleaning Company Carpet Cleaning Gets your carpet looking like brand new and fresh? Get Menage Total exclusive carpet cleaning and see the difference. West island Cleaning Company Balcony Cleaning Your balcony is the heart of your house but unfortunately can home a lot of dust, dirt, and microbes. Get your balcony professionally cleaned by Menage Total experts! West island Cleaning Company Kitchen Cleaning Get a sparkling clean kitchen with Menage Total expert services! Book a Menage Total cleaning professional and get ready to be floored! West island Cleaning Company Window Cleaning Dust and grime collected on your Residential or commercial windows over the months? No More! Gets your window back to new with Menage Total window cleaning services? West island Cleaning Company Bathroom Cleaning At the point when was the last time, you got your lavatory professionally cleaned? Do you realize that germs from your lavatory can without much of a stretch spread to whatever is left of your home? Battle those germs immediately with Menage Total proficient washroom cleaning administrations and keep those troublesome West island Cleaning Company Mattress Cleaning It is a funny fact but it’s true that We all spend one-third of life sleeping on a mattress. Get the most life out of your mattress for a healthier and better sleeping experience West island Cleaning Company Chair Cleaning Get your chairs back to new with Menage Total chair cleaning services? Menage Total will remove the dust and grime from corners you never knew existed. West island Cleaning Company Fridge Cleaning Fridge Cleaning Better for your health, better for your taste-buds and better for you and your family hygiene. Book Ménage Total fridge cleaning service today Ménage Total Specialist cleans for buildings If you need specialist Ménage Total building cleaning, talk to Ménage Total. Menage Total West island Cleaning Company team use the appropriate cleaning techniques and materials for the building – both inside and out. Menage Total West island at the many west islands and Montreal buildings. The Menage Total team came in and worked the night shift so as to allow the day construction activities to proceed without any sort of disruption. This activity must be finished amid the development stage because of the substantial apparatus that would not have the capacity to be utilized once the expe...

    June 25, 2018

    MENAGE TOTAL MONTREAL, LAVAL  COMPANY THE BEST CLEANING SERVICE IN MONTREAL, LAVAL, AND THE WEST ISLAND We are a professional cleaning service operating in the Montreal, Laval Metro and West Island areas.  We are a Local business with over 8 years of experience in domestic and commercial cleaning.    Menage Total strives to deliver a cleaning service that will make our client happy.  We Menage Total are here to make your life easier and cleaner and no job is too big or too small.   They will always take pride in their work and care of your property, Menage Total personal attention to detail is our competitive advantage and we promise, you will be 100% satisfied with our results.    stand by our Satisfaction Guarantee, this is our commitment to you.  Call Menage Total Montreal Cleaning Company. Our clients tell us… “MENAGE TOTAL REALLY CAN CLEAN” Contact us today A standout amongst the most upsetting things we will do in our lives is MOVE HOUSE!   Menage Total Montreal, Laval helps remove the worry from your best course of action by dealing with that basic bond or abandon clean! You should simply call us and we deal with everything.   We can go to your habitation and give you a precise statement on the cost to clean the premises and steam clean the floor coverings. Our Team will get the keys from your land operator, complete the empty clean and restore the keys to the specialist. We will take care of any issues that the property supervisors may discover after our clean to guarantee they are 100% content with comes about. Menage Total will clean your investment property to Real Estate Industry principles and us 100% certification our work. Our 100% assurance of our outcomes. Snap Here to round out our Online Quote Form “WE REALLY CANN CLEAN” Cover and UPHOLSTERY STEAM CLEANING OUR CARPET CLEANING SPECIALISTS HAVE BEEN STEAM CLEANING CARPETS IN OFFICES, HOUSES, UNITS AND HIGH-RISE APARTMENTS FOR MANY YEARS.   STEAM CLEANING IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE AND SAFE WAY OF CLEANING YOUR VALUABLE CARPETS AND FABRIC FURNITURE. OUR MOBILE CARPET STEAM CLEANING EQUIPMENT IS ABLE TO REACH THE HIGHEST APARTMENTS OR THE MOST TUCKED AWAY OFFICES AS THEY ARE ABLE TO BE TRANSPORTED IN YOUR BUILDINGS LIFTS. WE CAN ALSO STEAM CLEAN INDIVIDUAL ITEMS AT VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES. Carpets Rugs Mats Sofa’s and settee’s Fabric chairs Fabric lounges We utilize ecologically neighborly items and offer a freshening up and sterilizing method with our steam cleaning administrations. “WE REALLY CANN CLEAN CARPETS AND UPHOLSTERY” OUR GUARANTEE Bond and Vacate Cleaning – We try to make our first administration the best administration. Be that as it may, if there are any issues the property chief may discover, we can return until the point when they are 100% cheerful. Cover and Upholstery Cleaning – We can get most stains out of floor coverings and textured upholstery. In any case, if a stain is permitted to set it might be hard to extricate. TIP: Try touching Soda Water or white vinegar on recolor quickly after the spill. At that point call us to go to with our steam cleaning gear and concentrate the culpable stain from your cover or your prized household item. Spring and General Cleaning – We can tailor your home clean to whatever your cleaning necessities might be. We will attempt to surpass your desires and make your home feel spotless and new once more! Office Cleaning – With all our cleaning administrations we need you to be 100% content with the outcomes. Our office contract cleaners are educated in any site enlistment methods required. Our supervisory staff can visit all our work locales to guarantee cleaning administrations are being done to the customer’s needs and prerequisites.…...

    June 23, 2018
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