In the first place Menage Total Expert Cleaning services provide corporate and domestic cleaning of Carpets and upholstery services in Montreal.  Not to mention Menage Total Expert Cleaning services not only but also placing the PRO back into PROFESSIONAL for the overall cleaning industry and our vision is to provide clients with:

  • Superior service for both corporate and domestic requirements.
  • Peace of mind comprehensive and cleaning advice.
  • State of the art technology, longer lasting and fast cleaning services.
  • Specialist Oriental and natural fiber carpet cleaning.
  • Minimal disruption of work.

Specialist Cleaning of:

  • Carpets/Upholstery
  • Fabric and carpet protection,
  • Natural Fiber and oriental carpets.
  • Corporate cleaning.
  • Fast drying, no residue.
  • Health guard in the cleaning process.

Anti-Allergy Carpet Pre sprays:

Pre sprays after vacuum and then extract overall. No smell after cleaning.

Moreover, long-lasting anti-bacterial, stain odor and fats oils and grease eliminator.

Latest Technology Treatment:

Your first choice Menage Total Expert Cleaning services for the treatment of bacteria, molds, fungi, and virus.

To sum up it is a non-scented antimicrobial treatment for soft and hard surfaces.

Bacteria Tech:

Moreover, Bacteria Tech treatment cleaning product at Montreal Expert cleaning services is your first choice for deodorizing of fabrics and fibers afterall and moreover, its anti-microbial is residual and long-lasting afterall.

Health safety in the cleaning process:

 In the long run, when you ask Montreal Expert cleaning service to clean your offices and home we believe overall you want us to remove the soils and stains that can harm your staff and family usually.  Moreover, germs and fungi can cause allergy of the skin at the respiratory system.


Additionally, through the expertise and hard work at Montreal Expert cleaning services by using the best eco-friendly cleaning products, moreover it kills the germs and odors associated with food, drinks, and other household spills usually bringing your carpet back to a healthy balance overall.

Moreover, for any customized service, feel free to contact us and avail our best services at an affordable price.

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