Sofa Cleaning

In the first place, after a hard day at work, the first thing you would like to do is cuddle up on your sofa to ease up yourself. Menage Total Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services provides the best and affordable service in sofa cleaning.  Overall, Menage Total Sofa Cleaning makes you feel so cozy and relaxed in that piece of furniture.

Recommendation for Sofa Cleaning:

Menage Total Sofa Cleaning makes you wonder how much pollution your sofa is exposed to. In the first place,Menage Total cleans Dust mites, bacteria, dust particles, and all contamination to make your sofa clean and nice looking. Not to mention the dust accumulated after a sand storm makes the sofa dirty. Overall, Menage Total Sofacleaning experts recommend cleaning your sofa once in 6 months not only to make it pollution free but also to extend its life.

Menage Total Sofa Cleaners:

Not to mention, Menage Total Sofa Cleaning Montreal through its professional cleaners provides affordable sofacleaning service in Montreal We clean, sanitize and remove all spots from your sofa making it bright and fresh.

Menage Total Sofa Cleaning Service has realized that a clean and healthy environment, not only enhances the image, but also induces a more efficient and productive performance at all levels.

Understanding the Job:

 Menage Total Sofa cleaning moreover understands a cleaning job must be reliable, durable and satisfactory. By applying the best principles and by investing in the latest technology and training the employees, Menage Total is confident that you will be completely satisfied after the sofa cleaning job is finished.

Cleaning Process:

 Spot Clean. Using the wipes and vinegar poured onto a strong microfiber cloth, we apply to remove any obvious stains.

Full Clean. Using soap and water with a microfiber cloth, we wipe your sofa with the solution.  To make it soak into the fabric and tackle the dirt beneath the sofa.

Dry.  Menage Total allows the sofa to dry naturally is always the better option. To speed things up, we use vacuums with the latest technology to allow the breeze to help the drying process.

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