According to a recent survey, hotel cleanliness is the main feature that travelers look for when choosing to stay. Montreal  Hotel cleaning services consist of an expert, professional management team dedicated to the needs of the hospitality industry. All members of the Montreal Hotel Cleaning services are extensively and continuously trained and skilled in all areas of cleaning to ensure proper technique providing high-quality results.

Hotel Cleaning Services Montreal

We handle the cleaning services for you in every area from front lobby areas, guest and employee restroomskitchenrestaurants, and spas. Menage Total Montreal Hotel Cleaning Services clean guest rooms and specialize in carpet cleaning and hard floor including stripping and waxing marble maintenance and restoration. You will be completely satisfied with the cleaning services we provide.

Floor Cleaning:

The cleanliness of the floor and windows can strongly influence guests’ first impression of every establishment. Montreal Hotel Cleaning Services has been providing specialist services within this field for and our reputation as industry experts is well established in the cleaning market. Our experienced and skilled staff will professionally evaluate all requirements and provide objective advice on restoration and cleaning options. Our specialists have access to the newest cleaning products and available cleaning technologies on the market to satisfy our customer needs.

Window Cleaning Services

Menage Total Montreal Hotel Cleaning Services specializes in windows cleaning. Our experienced and highly-trained staff provides reliable service with the newest cleaning products available in the market. Health & Safety is always a priority, and we take it very seriously. As a professionally certified window cleaning service provider, we comply with all regulations and we constantly keep our policies up to date. Menage Total Montreal Hotel CleaningServices work closely with local authorities, ensuring quick and efficient procedures. Montreal Hotel CleaningServices  offers a range of different types of window cleaning:

  • abseiling
  • cradle
  • platform (cherry picker)
  • reach & wash
  • ladder
  • conventional
  • gutter cleaning
  • safety eye bolts certification
  • advisory services on windows design