Pre-schools, childcare, and kindergartens are places of learning, creativity, and joy. They’re conjointly a number of the toughest places to stay clean. Let’s face it – kids are messy!

We understand the serious responsibility childcare centers and kindergartens have to provide a safe and clean environment for students, teachers, and families. Menage Total Facility Services can help you meet those responsibilities. We provide services weekly and biweekly in Montreal and Laval. Montreal Cleaner is the best cleaning company in Montreal.

Happily, we provide various cleaning services like removing Play-doh from carpets, paint from walls and under easels, and fingerprints from windows as we are at sanitizing bench tops, nappy bins and kids’ bathrooms – most significantly around the S-bend and underneath the bathroom seats.

Activity sheets, quality assurance, Bluetooth technology, and performance reviews

Our cleaners complete activity check sheets as they are cleansing your educational institution. We use Bluetooth technology to trace your cleaners and guarantee they pay the right quantity of your time cleaning your premises. Bluetooth technology permits you to complete management and transparency over the cleansing method.

Further, our cleansing managers can undertake inspections on a daily basis to confirm that cleansing is being done to your satisfaction.

Comprehensive childcare and kindergarten cleaning services

Childcare centers and school cleaning are our specialties. That’s why we stand behind our cleaning services with an iron-clad money-back guarantee.

We promise you outstanding service and a spotlight to detail for your preschool's distinctive cleansing necessities. That’s guaranteed! If we tend to fail to fulfill your expectations you’ll receive a 100% a reimbursement guarantee. So the onus is continuously on us to perform.

Carefully selected staff

Our in-depth employee's accomplishment method totally vets all service cleansing employees before employment. You’ll feel assured knowing your center are going to be repaired by cleaners with:

  • Current Working With Children (WWC) clearance
  • Continual training in the latest cleaning technologies

Whether your preschool requires daily cleaning services, episodic spring-cleaning such as window cleaning during the school holidays, let us prove to you that we’re the right choice.

Our childcare center and kindergarten cleaning services include:

  • Mopping, cleaning, steam cleaning and/or sweeping of all floors & floor coverings.
  • Anti-bacterial cleaning of all frequently used surface areas:
  • Play areas, tables, and chairs
  • Sinks, tubs and benches
  • Nappy change areas, walls, and baseboards
  • Trash and waste exclusion and cleaning of bins
  • Bathroom floors: sweep and damp mop with hot water and antiseptic.
  • Anti-bacterial cleaning of toilets, urinals, cisterns & hand basins
  • Windows including window sills, blinds, and curtains and whatever else may be the exclusive requirements of your childcare center.