We Provide Cleaning Services in these Montreal Areas

Menage Total Cleaning Services Canada

An excellent car showroom cleaning service which reflects the best standard of your vehicles

The car showroom cleaning services provided by us are under the supervision of experienced and fully trained operatives who work according to the exact specifications that you need. We will work together to maintain and plan a welcoming environment for visitors, which reflects you as a great business. Whether that is polished and sparkling floors, inviting and well-presented refreshment areas or lounge, pleasant-smelling and immaculate washrooms and toilets, perfect for visitors and customers to relax and sit down while their car is preparing for a new look.

The car showroom cleaning services provided by us include:

  • Structured regular cleaning services
  • Maintenance of the hard floor
  • Degreasing and sanitizing cleaning services
  • Exterior and interior window showroom cleaning services
  • Workshop cleaning services
  • Restroom and toilet deep and daily cleaning services
  • Carpet cleaning
  • High-level services of cleaning
  • Grounds maintenance

Apartment Cleaning

Our cleaning services are not just for houses. Every living area deserves a complete cleaning, which you can feel and see. We proudly offer you a program that is made to serve residents of condominiums, apartments, and other small areas. The prices of services are grouped according to weekly, bi-weekly, or daily services.

Living Areas:

The triangle area of your home is often the living room where at the day’s end, the whole family gathers and watch T.V. or spend some relaxing time together. With that said, in no time, it can turn into a mess that needs a lot of maintenance and attention. In case you have a busy schedule that does not let you take care of thorough cleaning of your living area, then it’s time you hire Menage Total Cleaning Service for tidy and healthy preservation.

Some of the services provided by our highly trained workers for your standard living area cleaning are as follows:

  • Carpeted floor vacuum
  • Window ledges and windowsills wiped down
  • The dusting of picture frames
  • Tile floors and hardwood damp-mopped and swept cleaning
  • Fans and baseboards dusted along with cobwebs removed
  • All glass mirrors and surfaces cleaned
  • All furniture tops and level surfaces hand-dusted and cleaned

Why is basement cleaning important?

The cleaning of the basement is a boring process; hence, hiring a professional who takes care of this process for you is very important. Many things need to be done while doing basement cleaning. You have to pump out sewage water lying down in your basement, and you need to approximate damage like mold damage and moisture damage. The tools and equipment required for basement cleaning are not available easily at households, which is why it is imperative to hire a cleaning service for this.

The foremost step towards beautifying and cleaning your wet and dirty basement is hiring a professional for cleaning it up. A thorough clean-up of your place should be provided by the basement cleaning services. We also provide you with waterproofing with basement services that not all cleaning services provide.

How is hard floor cleaning done?

Hardwood floors escort warm and earthy beauty to the home. They last for ages if taken care of properly as they are durable. Using a vacuum or dust mop will not clean or remove grime and dirt, which builds up by time. For better deep cleaning, you must hire professionals who use liquid cleaners and other wood-cleaning equipment and products.

Without a second thought, you can hire our cleaning service for this job, and we will carefully do all the work for you, which includes cleaning the dirt, pet hair, dust, and remaining debris off your floor with essential professional solutions and products.

Restaurant cleaning services:

Restaurant cleaning services are a major help for those who have less time or are looking to relieve the workload off the staff. A clean and nice restaurant creates safer conditions for working, inviting atmosphere, and helps in reducing the possibility of cross-contamination. Cleaning services that cater to the restaurant cleaning industry are well-equipped to completely degrease and sanitize high-volume kitchens and maintain the other areas of your restaurant. Some common services provided by our cleaning service are as follows:

Lobby and Dining room:-

  • Window cleaning
  • Sweep, vacuum and mop the floors
  • Sanitize tabletops
  • Wash down the walls
  • Clean out the crevices in booths and chairs

Kitchen area:

  • Taking out trash
  • Deep cleaning of equipment that includes stoves, fryers, ovens, and broilers
  • Sanitize countertops and all metal surfaces
  • Remove and wash down food particles from the sides and top of the equipment
  • Degrease exhaust fans and hoods
  • Mopping and sweeping floors also the areas in dry storage or walk-ins


  • Removing garbage from the bins
  • Mopping and sweeping floors
  • Restocking soap and paper products
  • Deep-cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces such as countertops, sinks, and toilets

Why is it important to maintain your lawn?

Keeping your lawn vibrant, healthy, free from weeds, and green is what an expert does. Therefore, we have licensed specialists who provide regular lawn services that are designed for your landscape to look best for the whole year. Maintaining your lawn is just like you maintain your case, your cooling system, or your heater, and you know that maintenance is always affordable and better than replacement. It will cost you less if you keep maintaining your lawn regularly and set schedule to keep a check rather than wait for your lawn to become damaged or unhealthy beyond repair.

We have years of experience, and with the use of state-of-the-art tools, we can shape your landscape beautifully and lushly way throughout the year. It always feels good to have a stunning landscape within the neighborhood or a healthy and safe place for the pets and kids to play, our maintenance services for the lawn is all the solution you need.

Our maintenance team always puts the customers first and cares for their needs and satisfaction. We are well aware of the fact that every house owner differs, and every property is special. Keeping that in mind, we arrange and customize our services according to the individual’s preferences and requirements.

Dental Office Cleaning:

The visit of a patient to your dental office is stressing enough to give you anxiety where you would not want to leave anything to chance. You do every possible effort to give off a good impression with your existing or new patients, and this can solely revolve around the appearance and cleanliness of your treatment room, restrooms, and waiting room.

For a medical practitioner, nothing is more essential than hygiene safety and the comfort of the patients. Our dental office cleaning department helps them in the mission to provide their patients with the best care possible with and we offer them the most diverse and best cleaning services. We commit to a higher level of cleaning starts with the best materials and branded tools; we use the top glass cleaners, floor wax, strippers, environmentally safe germicides, restroom cleaners, and quaternary disinfectants. Some of the common services we offer are given below:

  • Kitchen and breakroom cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Wiping of desks to make them anti-septic
  • Appliances such as telephone, touchpads, desktops, stationery items, etc.
  • Dusting of furniture
  • Cleaning of the reception area
  • Window cleaning
  • Recycling and trash disposal
  • Carpet cleaning

Menage Total Cleaning Service Montreal

Cleaning service Montreal is one of the most acquired services of all time. No matter what are your premises or field of work, you need to have the cleaning services in any manner. From the domestic to commercial and even industrial cleaning is the center of attention. Menage total offers some of the exceptional cleaning services in Montreal that helps you to make a difference in your living style.

We are not only focusing on the commercial needs for cleaning but domestic, lifestyle, and basic needs to improve cleaning mechanisms. Covering up a wider range of services, we ensure to come up with some of the exceptional packages and services for the clients.

About us

Ménagetotal is one of the ultimate and dedicated cleaning companies in Montreal. The objective of the company is to bring some of the exceptional and world-class cleaning services for the clients. To ensure the service quality, we invest our best time and capital in the latest equipment and the professionals as well.

We aim to cover the best of services and unlimited locations in Montreal to improve the overall living standard of the people in these areas. The only motive of the company is to bring the best and latest for the services. Along with utility, we are creating a healthy environment for the clients and the public at the same time. Our focus is to use eco-friendly products and strategies to reduce the waste products and ensure the ultimate cleanup.

Our Team

To provide the best and next-level services, we make sure to have the best team. It is a combined effort from our team and the professionals along with the latest skills to provide you the best services. We do invest time and resources in constructing and maintain the best team. There are certain exclusive qualities in our team that we not only promise but deliver as well.

Dedicated and professional

All the team members from the supervisors to managers and even the first-hand workers are professional. They understand the nature of the job and perform with complete dedication. The clearing is not just a service or task for them, but it is their interest as well. The sense of responsibility at work makes them able enough to understand the latest needs of the cleaning services and meet up the required standards.

Organized and well trained

The team workers trained to be organized and well managed. We help them to understand the basics of cleaning and all the necessary requirements to make it a smooth and nice procedure. The team members know what they are going to do and all the necessary steps required. We train them to be good with their equipment and overall stuff handling at the client’s place. It is not just about the work training, but we focus their manners and professional attitude towards the client and each other as well.

Specialized services for exclusive cleaning options

We have some of the professionals specifically trained for specialized and exclusive tasks. For instance, if you need some of the specialized and custom cleaning services for your home or studio. Then you do have the specialized team for the purpose. They understand the complication of the matter and make sure to provide the best of services in any manner. From the cleaning to damage control, they take care of everything.

Services we offer

At Ménage total, we understand the needs of the ultimate cleaning services that you need. We have designed the services range after going through all the necessary requirements for the cleaning. Our portal is a one-stop solution for all your domestic, personalized, and commercial cleaning services. We have a grand team that can provide the best class services to the clients regularly. Here are some of the exceptional services we offer:

Apartment cleaning services

If you are going to change your apartment or need to have a close cleanup for any festival or event, then we are here. In the apartment cleaning services, we offer you to have the whole place clean up along with the furniture settings, alteration, and much more. You don't need to be bound with limits. We offer you limitless opportunities to make the apartment look good. Additionally, we work best for the rental apartments, as well. Our team knows how to deal with the things at rental apartments, so they make the right use of it.

Commercial cleaning services

Cleaning the commercial places seems to be a challenge for the commercial place owners and business officials there. At these places, there are a number of walk-in customers, visitors, and vendors pay their visits. In the rush hour, a common cleaner can offer random cleaning. To have the detailed cleaning services Ménage total offers some exclusive deals. We make sure to clean up everything just as new in order to make a big difference.

Office cleaning services

For the offices, it is necessary to have a detailed cleaning session after specific intervals. Our team is trained to provide the best cleaning services at official locations, such as offices. The team knows how to sum up the stuff and then rearrange it back to the desk in every office. They take the complete responsibility of all the stuff there and make sure to give the best services.

Residential cleanup

We offer services for the residential cleanup on a regular and interval basis, as well. If you want to have the daily cleaner who can clean up the mess and take care of home maintenance, we offer you the services. On the other hand, if you want to have the interval cleaning, we bring you that too. It lets you to have the best of the clean and hygienic environment in the house.

Restaurants cleaning services

Restaurants are the places where you dine out. At Ménage total, we have exclusive cleaning plans for restaurants. It includes everything from their tables to the kitchen and even the housekeeping as well. Our professionals make sure to bring everything on board and provide the best of services.

Medical centers and clinics

Medical centers and clinics prove to be a sensitive spot when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. For the patient’s good, it is necessary to provide them the next level of cleanness. Considering all the needs of the clinics and medical complexes, we offer them the relative services.

After builders cleaning services

After getting the construction done to your office, home, or commercial place, the hardest thing is to clean it up. We offer you the after builders cleaning services that are exclusively for such conditions. For these services, we have specialized tools and professional staff that works with perfection. We make sure to provide you the ultimate look of the place with all cleanness and clarity.

Warehouse cleaning services

Warehouses seem to be a difficult task for most of the cleaning service providers in Montreal. However, we offer you the ultimate cleaning services for the warehouse, as well. With the latest equipment and dedicated staff, we make sure to take care of all the stuff and safety too. It is not a big deal for us to move the bulks form on a section to the other and clean up the place properly for the clients.

Exclusive products based cleaning

Ménage total is nor only about the massive and collective cleaning services. We provide exclusive and selected cleaning services for the multiple points in your home, office, or commercial place. These services include the:




Outdoor glass walls

Hard floor

Garage cleaning and more

Why choose us?

As a hole, you may have a number of cleaning services providers Montreal, then why you need to pick up Ménage total on others. The answer is not typical; we are better not just because of quality but in dedication. We consider cleaning as a major job and want to provide some of the exceptional cleaning services to the clients. In order to make the standards best and keeping the things in line, we put all the efforts in the right direction; we give you a number of reasons to choose us over the other services providers:

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Later tools and techniques
  • Well trained and experienced workers
  • Security and secrecy insures
  • Use of Eco-friendly products
  • Reliable services
  • Ultimate cleaning management
  • Dedicated services
  • Planed services
  • Organized schedules
  • Services without delays

Contact us

To fulfill all your cleaning needs, we make sure to be available for the maximum of the time. You can get a quote for the cleaning services in the desired section or area. We believe in providing suitable and sustainable services to the clients just on one click and call. Contact us to book your service or get a quotation for the service requirement. Call (514) 654-4988