We have extensive experience in the field of marble and stone floor Cleaning and restoration. If your stone can be cleaned and restored, we will achieve the optimum possible results for you. On the other hand, if we feel the outcome won’t live up to your expectations, we will let you know beforehand. All our operatives have undergone extensive training and have many years’ experience cleaning & restoring floors to new in people’s homes.

Cleaning and Stain Removal

Most marble and natural stone floors and surfaces are often revitalized and came to their original state. When put in and cared for properly, your stone or marble floor should last a lifetime. We have clean, polished, sealed, repaired, and restored thousands of marble and stone floors, dating from the 1800s to modern times.

Stains can occur very easily in natural stone. If a floor is unsealed, any liquid spilled can flow into the stone. Our stain removal method starts with an awfully mild chemical clean and might vary up to a poultice or resurfacing of the stone.

Poultice treatments are an awfully mild manner of removing stains. A cleanup agent is mixed with terribly fine powder, applied to the surface of the stain, covered with polythene, and then left to dry. The powder draws the stain from the surface. This may take up to 3 days and several other applications could also be required. However, we tend to seldom have to be compelled to resort to the current methodology of cleanup, usually, a strip, clean and polish is sufficient to transform a floor.

Cleaning and honing marble surfaces

Once your marble, travertine, limestone, granite or crema marfil and stone surfaces are cleaned, we commence the honing and Cleaning process. The Cleaning process removes deeper ingrained stains on the floor, such as etch marks and light scratches. These are typically what provides marble and stone that uninteresting and lack-luster look.

Cleaning (marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo, granite)

Cleaning is defined as placing a highly reflective finish on the surface of the stone. Cleaning is usually accomplished using super-fine abrasive powders, but can also be achieved with super-fine diamond abrasive discs or Cleaning pads.

During Cleaning, we remove a microscopic layer from the surface of your floor. This can solely be achieved by employing a series of various grade diamond grits, utilized in the proper order. Only a qualified craftsperson with experience in Cleaning should carry out this process – incorrect methods and processes can completely ruin your marble or natural stone floor.

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