Montreal Skilled Cleaning Services provide a high quality of service for the cleaning of your property at highly competitive rates. We currently clean small to large Schools, Gymnasiums, Offices (buildings), Medical Suites. Ask us and if we cannot, we are honest enough to say.

Montreal Skilled Cleaning Services can provide an experienced staff of cleaners to meet all needs as detailed in any cleaning. If a specification does not exist, with our experience and knowledge we are able to provide you with a proposed schedule of cleaning. These schedules are generated keeping in focus and represent the most effective and efficient methods of cleaning.

In addition to our cleaning and maintenance services we have an emergency strategy in place should a major disaster occur.

Major Service Provisions

  • Programmed cleaning as requested including exterior surfaces, high areas, plant rooms, all types of vents, window treatments and light fittings.
  • Building cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Specialized cleaning – including vinyl floors stripped and sealed, carpets treated and cleaned, using the most appropriate methods.
  • Cleaning of pathways and outdoor areas to maintain the property’s aesthetic appearance