The place where we live matters a lot. And we can easily realize the importance of our living place when we are far away from our home or our residential place.

To consider the importance of this the cleaning of the living place is also one of the main and important factors that play an important role.
To consider all these facts and things we as a menage cleaning services company gives and offers our customers the excellent administration (residential cleaning services) to guarantee your house is cleaned and kept up to the most noteworthy principles. We, with the help of our well-trained and well-experienced staff work around your timetable. And to make things easier, reliable and flexible for you, we also arrange and offer few packages with a different schedule, so through this, you can also pick any one of them as per your own desire.
But this is not the end; it goes without asking that to make things more vital and reliable for you the packages which we offer you are based on every week, fortnightly or even day by day or each other day so through this now and again you can pick anyone among them as per your flexibility.

keep it clean cleaning service


• Complete entrance cleaning
• Light switching cleaning
Carpet vacuum cleaning
• Skirting board cleaning
• Floor washing cleaning
Window cleaning Services Montreal


• Carpet vacuuming
• Countertops cleaning
• Inside and outside complete hob, microwave and toaster cleaning
• All surface cleaning
• Cabinet, appliances and wash faces cleaning
• Kitchen cupboards cleaning
• Scrub, sinks and wash cleaning
• Dusting and wiping
• Dish washing (complete)
• Door handling cleaning
• Light switching cleaning
• Mirrors and glass fixtures cleaning
• Moping and washing
• Trash cleaning
• Recycling
• Bin cleaning


• Mirrors and table cleaning
• Complete sofa dusting and cleaning
• Windows, light switches, skirting boards cleaning
• Bin cleaning
• Floor washing
• Full vacuuming
• And other major and minor cleaning services as well


• Moping
• Washing
• Vacuuming
• Trash cleaning
• Inside and outside major and minor cleaning
• Windows cleaning including sills
• Dusting
• Clean all switches and skirting boards
• Surfaces wiping
• Tidy and make beds and linens


• Clean all the doors
• Complete sanitizing
• Windows washing and cleaning
• Vacuuming
• Mirrors cleaning
• Glass fixings
• Shower cleaning
• Toilet full cleaning
• Sink washing and cleaning
• Mop all floor
• Light, handles, and switches cleaning
• Window sills cleaning
• Wash basins and shower cleaning
• De -scale bath cleaning
• cleaning all surfaces including rechargeable
• dusting
• empty the trash and clean all the bin


• Complete kitchen cleaning services
• Complete living rooms, common rooms and restrooms cleaning services
• Complete outdoor and indoor general and major cleaning stuff
• Fully clean the trash stuff
• Complete bathroom cleaning services
• Other minor credentials like dishwashers, scrub, counter cleaning, dusting, etc. cleaning as well

Premium Residential Maid in montreal cleaning services company

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After this long haul, last but not the least, in a sum up way, if you are looking for any finest and qualitative eco-friendly house/ home cleaning credentials then feels free to hire us today.
At last, we are always there and ready to serve you the finest cleaning services, no matter whether it is private cleaning, home, townhouse or flat cleaning services.
Rest for more information you can also contact us or call us directly without any hesitation.

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