residential cleaning services in montreal

Don’t you feel like life is too short to clean your house? If you do, then you should save your precious time by hiring us for the Residential Cleaning Services. We  Menage Total deal with cleaning every small and large part of your house, from your carpet to sofa set and from your bedroom to kitchen room, we clean everything. We use vacuum pumps for gathering all the garbage stuff from your house below the sofa or bed. We provide periodical maintenance and cleanliness inspection at regular intervals. We provide our cleaning services at just one call at your doorstep.

Our Best Residential Cleaning Services in Montreal Include

  • Kitchen
    Cleaning household appliances. Cleaning of sinks, counters and small appliances (coffee pot, toaster… etc). Cleaning moldings, heating elements, ventilation gaps, window borders, light fixtures, switches, and thermostats. Removing stains on cupboard doors. Draining and cleaning the trash bin. Vacuuming and washing the floor.
  • Dining room
    Cleaning tables and chairs. The dusting of furniture and light fixtures. Vacuuming and washing the floor.
  • Bathroom
    Cleaning, disinfecting bathtub, ceramic, shower stall, toilet bowl, sinks, and counters. Cleaning and polishing mirrors, water taps and accessories. Removing stains from doors and frames. Cleaning moldings, heating elements, ventilation gaps, switches, and thermostats. Draining and cleaning the trash bin. Vacuuming and washing the floor. Bedrooms and living room. Dusting furniture, frames, trinkets, and light fixtures. Cleaning moldings, heating elements, ventilation gaps, window borders, switches, and thermostats. Cleaning and polishing mirrors and television screens. Removing stains from doors and frames. Draining and cleaning the trash bin. Vacuuming the upholstered furniture and carpets. Vacuuming and washing the floor.
  • Stairs and hallway
    Cleaning moldings, heating elements, ventilation gaps, light fixtures, and stair banisters. Removing stains from doors and frames. Vacuuming and washing staircases.
  • Laundry room
    Cleaning the washer and the dryer. Vacuuming and washing the floor. Special and occasional tasks Washing of walls and ceilings. Window cleaning. Washing of carpets and upholstered furniture. Interior cleaning of cupboards and household appliances. Cleaning after renovation and before/after moving. Steam cleaning. High-pressure water gun cleaning. Business Insider mentioned some interesting stuff about Cleaning our Home Easy.

Also, we are Professional in Rug Cleaning Services in  Montreal, Laval.

Are you still confused? Check out our Bathroom Cleaning Services for more Info


Although very unlikely, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can simply contact Menage Total and receive a re- clean. We will examine the scene to determine the reason for customer dissatisfaction and if cleaning (housekeeping, maid) could have been done better. Keep in mind that you must contact us about this issue as quickly as possible so that we take immediate steps to resolution.

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