Menage Total Cleaning Services guarantees your satisfaction. Our primary responsibility is to scrub and assist you to maintain the inside of your home. If you're not happy with a clean, please give notice the workplace right away and that we can examine and proper the matter at intervals twenty-four hours at no further charge. We provide a regular basis, weekly or biweekly cleaning services in Montreal and Laval.

We are responsible for notifying you of any scheduling change the office may have to make. We build each decides to give notice you a minimum of twenty-four hours ahead. In the event we tend to are unable to give notice you twenty-four hours ahead, we'll build each effort to contact you right away.

Menage Total is also fully bonded and insured. We also give our customers an honest and fair resolution of any problems with the cleaning and full resolution of any breakage or damage caused by an employee of Firehouse.

We additionally decide to contact customers the day before to cue them of their scheduled clean ensuing day. If you are doing not need this service, please let Canada state apprehend.

We place great importance on open lines of communication. If there's a special cleanup would like that you simply need, all you would like to try to do is contact our workplace and that we can build each decides to satisfy your specific cleaning need.

Customer Responsibilities

We require that you provide a rationally “Clutter Free” and a safe working environment. Customers are chargeable for the restraint and safety of their pets. We will not hastily leave doors open, but the staff does get to hold doors open so as to enter and carry in instrumentation and provides.

Teams won't clean in insect inundated areas nor are groups allowable to scrub animal or human waste material of any kind. The team cannot clean in homes without water or electricity.

In the event you're unhappy with a clean, please call the office instantly. This is very important so that we can improve our service and correct problems immediately. Someone from the office can visit your home, examine the matter at hand, and calculate a viable determination up to and together with causation the team back ensuing day to correct the problem, at no additional cost to you.

You are responsible for informing the office of any scheduling changes at least 24 hours in advance. Any changes made the day of the clean, with the exclusion of emergencies, will be charged a $15.00 change fee.