If you are searching for a scrub and rinse sink cleaning services. Ménage Total is the best cleaning services company. Ménage Total, provide efficient residential cleaning services and commercial cleaning services. Our professional cleaning service is cost-effective and budget friendly. Ménage Total have professional sink cleaning professional who have been serving the residents of Montreal.

In fact, on a regular basis, weekly or biweekly cleaning services. We moreover deliver our scrub and rinse sink cleaning services for residential house cleaning services. Moreover,  commercial cleaning services for one time deep cleaning depending on the customer's needs and 100% satisfactory results are achieved.

  • Clear the Items

In the first place, Ménage Total experts take away all of the items that are in the kitchen not in the proper place. The cleaning services staff moves on to collect all the items not belonging in the kitchen. By taking care of all these items in one place to be put away later and clean the dust and wiping the dust and mopping the floors.

  • At The Sink

Ménage Total Staff puts all of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Thus Cleaning the sink with hot water using eco-friendly and organic cleaning products.

  • All in one Cleaning Spray

Ménage Total Staff uses all in one purpose cleaner and sprays to clean the sink surface to make it free from germs and bacteria.

  • Finish and Clean Sink

Ménage Total Sink cleaning services staff clean the basin with the best organic and eco-friendly cleaning solution, or if they need a little more power. The cleaning experts wipe down the faucet and handle with a cloth.

  • Cleaning Trash

Ménage Total Sink Cleaning Service staff give the inside a quick wipe down and remove trash and replace the bag.

Extra Tips:

  • Ménage Total advises its customers making cleaning up the kitchen sink a family affair. Divide work between your family member, and you really can have the kitchen clean in no time.
  • Ménage Total Staff can train the family members to clear and rinse their own dirty plates and sinks after a meal.
  • Rinse the sink with hot water and use eco-friendly Ménage Total Cleaning products after each wash of the utensils to keep the sink clean and fresh and odor free.

If you like to avail our best cleaning services, kindly visit our website and feel free to reach us via e-mail, telephone.