Imagine your Shower and Bathtub looks clean and has the fresh air and you have a professional Shower and Bath Tub cleaning service provider available at your request in one call. Ménage Total is proving an excellent affordable Shower and Bath Tub cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and LongueuilMénage Total In fact, with 100% satisfaction of the residential sector customers. Ménage Total aims to provide its unique eco-friendly shower and bathtub cleaning services. Moreover, in Montreal our eco-friendly products are approved and reliable overall.



Cleaning the bathroom shower is a task that many people put until it is out of hand. Ménage Total takes care of all your worries and tackles everything. Like shower scrubbing, soap scum to clogged drains.

Ménage Total is happy to share and clean and maintain the cleanliness of the shower with the experienced staff having full expertise to tackle any situation. Ménage Total makes it easier with a onetime deep cleaning service to clean the shower and look great.


In the first place Manage Total staff cleans the showerhead. Normally it is easy to forget filling with hard water deposits and grime. But the showerhead plays a major role in keeping you clean.

Ménage Total uses eco-friendly cleaning products to clean the shower head. The staff with the help of the cleaning product cleans the showerhead and the organic cleaning solution works and improves the showerhead. The simple organic product takes care of deposits left from hard water.


Nobody wants to spend their time on bathtub cleaning. Ménage Total cleaning service amazes its customers how quickly they clean bathtub dirt. Hard water deposits, soap scum, turn the tub into a dull and yellow surface. Ménage Total Cleaning service helps to keep the bathtub and shower wall clean, shiny and looking bright. Ménage Total weekly cleaning services can help you to turn your yellow, dull bathtub surface to clean and guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Vast Cleaning Expertise

Moreover, Menage Total cleaners have experience and skills and background-checked and available to be at your home or workplace in Montreal for cleaning services in no time overall. Moreover, the most important reason our deep home cleaning services competitively priced and affordable cost. house cleaning,residential cleaning ,commercial cleaning,organic cleaning products,  office cleaning, restaurant cleaning, schools cleaning, daycare cleaning, hospital cleaning, gym cleaning, warehouse cleaning, maid cleaning services, clean office, clean home, ,window cleaning, floor cleaning, apartment cleaning, condo cleaning and providing inspection and  maintenance activities at constant intervals for a certain defined period.