Menage Total provides you with the best slate floor cleaning service in MontrealLaval, and Longueuil. Our professional cleaning team first rob the slate floor with a soft bristle broom. Then we wash the slate floor with a soft brush because slates are soft. Slate floor can easily be damaged that’s why our professional cleaners take a lot of care while washing it. We use warm water and gentle detergents to wash the slate floor and make it germs free. Slate floor is sensitive and can get damaged that’s why our cleaning team is instructed to take care. Our professional cleaning team use fiber and soft cotton mops.

Usage of Detergents

Moreover we Menage Total use chemical free detergents while washing a slate floor because it can soak the chemicals. Soaked chemicals could be a cause of decease. Our professional team use health friendly detergents and soaps in washing a slate floor. We Menage Total use soft cotton fibered brushes and mops.

Our services are for the cities of MontrealLaval, and Longueuil. We are proudly providing all types of cleaningservices in these cities with comparatively marginal rates. We have well experienced staff which perform its duties with full of dedication and commitment.

Moreover, our services in cleaning up your houseapartment and offices are performed by well trained and experienced cleaning team. We Menage Total are providing the best slate floor cleaning services in quite affordable rates and perform our duty with full of care. We do our work without creating any disturbance for you. And without damaging your slate floorMenage Total provides you a stainless, spotless and germs protected the slate floor. We remove all types of spots from your floor and make it as you’ve recently made this slate floor. We are trustworthy and credible cleaners in MontrealLaval, and Longueuil.

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