For many years now, Ménage Total Solar Cleaning Services has been helping residents and businesses different professional cleaning services and maintenance services.

We provide Solar Panel Cleaning in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil, and other major cities.

  1. Friendly Solar Cleaning

Ménage Total is an environmental and eco-friendly solar panel cleaning company and we use only the best Organic and Eco-friendly products. At Ménage Total we understand the necessity of cleaning the solar panels that is why we use the best eco-friendly and latest attested cleaning products amount to efficiently clean the solar panels, leaving them in great shape.

  1. Protecting Investment

Ménage Total Solar Panel Cleaning services understand purchasing solar panels is a large investment. When solar panels become dirty due to dust particles, bird droppings, or tree leaves it will greatly diminish your solar power output. Ménage Total protects your investment by using the latest innovative methods used for cleaning solar panels and no damage happens to your panel.

  1. Cleaning Technique

Ménage Total Solar Panel Cleaning services use a unique and latest cleaning technique which leaves the solar panels clean and stain free. Ménage Total Solar panel Cleaning Company works with top solar panel installation providers to get training and improve the cleaning methods. Very Soon Ménage Total Solar panel cleaning services will be available in most cities of the country apart from Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

  1. The effort to Provide Best Cleaning Services

In an effort to provide our customers with the best possible solar panel cleaning service and assure the solar panels are working well as when they were installed, we are now also providing bird proofing solar panels. Solar panels on the roof are an open invitation to unwanted pests. Bird nest under the solar panels create damage and unavoidable problems for home. Ménage Total staff works with the owners to help them provide the best suitable plan to protect their solar panels from any damage.

  1. Affordable Maintenance Service

Ménage Total offers maintenance services to ensure that your solar panels are safe and working properly to protect your investment. Ménage Total Solar panel cleaning services professional and expert staff is able to inspect and identify problems and rectify them. Ménage Total believes that a maintenance check made prior to doing any solar panel cleaning services to make use of the solar panel productivity.

Our Solar panel cleaning methods are custom tailored for the solar panel cleaning, and we have no hidden charges. Our cleaning services are affordable and budget-friendly in the area of Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

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