Residential cleaning Montreal

Residential cleaning Montreal and Commercial Cleaning by Menage Total  

You wouldn’t just hand over the keys to your Residential cleaning Montreal or office to a complete stranger, would you? 

So when you allow a cleaning company into your premises you have to be very sure that they are completely trustworthy. You also want to have total confidence that they will do an excellent job, every time. 

What Menage Total do? 

Menage Total is the right place to find professional and expert Residential cleaning Montreal cleaning and commercial cleaning services in Canada, Quebec. We perform the best cleaning practices and methods available using the best sanitary cleaning products made entirely from green citrus crops, non-toxic, non-caustic and biodegradable for maintaining a healthier environment. 

Not all cleaning companies are created equal 

Be sure to choose the right company – one you can trust and one that delivers. That company is Menage Total, the right place to find professional and expert Residential cleaning Montreal cleaning and commercial cleaning services in Canada. 

The best cleaning practices 

Menage Total performs the best cleaning practices and methods available using the best sanitary cleaning products made entirely from harvested citrus crops, non-toxic, non-caustic and biodegradable for maintaining a healthier environment. 

Call us on 1514-654-4988 now for a free quote 

Free quotes with guaranteed responses within 24 hours. To request an obligation-free quotation for your business or Residential cleaning Montreal click here, call us at 1514-654-4988 or email us at

We Will Show You The Way To Success 

Menage Total value you 

The team at Menage Total value all of our clients, which is why our company will provide you with an obligation-free quote. This will ensure that we will meet, and exceed, your requirements and expectations.  

Your security 

All of our staff members are fully qualified to work in your Residential cleaning Montreal and office spaces and we ensure that every level of security shall be met. Menage Total always uses safe products to ensure a healthy living and working environment.  

Our people 

Menage Total friendly team is well qualified and enthusiastic about producing fantastic results, leaving your Residential cleaning Montreal and office feeling fresh and looking immaculate.  

Let Menage Total Residential cleaning Montreal cleaners take the hassle out of your cleaning 

Our Menage Total team provides- efficient and friendly service and our time flexibility are of benefit to you. We have a fixed-price guaranteed service which means that you will always get the best service for the best price. 

Menage Total company provides standard Residential cleaning Montreal cleaning that is ideal for those busy people. Whose Residential cleaning is in need of a basic clean. We also provide premium Montreal cleaning which is a more thorough service. This includes the interior cleaning of your microwave and fridge, shifting all items to ensure a spotless finish, vacuuming seating. Removing rubbish and much more! If you’re a busy person who’s always on the go. Let Menage Total take one more stress out of your life. By using our services you will have extra time to spend with loved ones, do things you enjoy or simply sit back and relax while we give your Residential cleaning Montreal a superior clean. 

Cost-effective, reliable and efficient Residential cleaning Montreal cleaning 

Our Residential cleaning Montreal Cleaning Process 

Our Residential cleaning Montreal Services Manager will come to your Residential cleaning Montreal site. And help you to develop a detailed schedule that will allowMenage Total to meet all of your requirements. While staying within your feasible budget. We will then assign you a team who will be responsible for delivering all of your cleaning requirements. 

Our company will also provide you with a follow-up service as well as inspections. From our Residential cleaning Montreal Services Manager to ensure you are 100% satisfied, and your expectations are being met. 

Montreal Maid Service Cleaners

Montreal Maid Service Cleaners

Menage Total Montreal maid service has been in the commercial cleaning industry for more than a decade. During that time Menage Total Montreal, maid service has gained the experience to know their client’s concerns and needs.

Menage Total Montreal maid service cleaners are trained on site to deliver the exact requirements of the job specifications.

Quality assurance is guaranteed through regular Menage Total inspection of service rendered with immediate action taken for rectification if any. WHS practices are maintained at all times and on all sites

Attention to detail allows Menage Total to deliver high-quality cleaning services consistently.

  • General Office Cleaning
  • Floor Stripping & Re-Sealing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Cleaning
  • Obligation-Free Quotes

Menage Total Montreal maid service has been providing domestic and commercial cleaning, and related services, throughout the Montreal, Laval, Longueuil for over 10 years.

Menage Total commitment from day one has been dedicated to Client Satisfaction to the highest standards. As a result Menage Total has been able to acquire an array of clients, from multi-story buildings, industrial and commercial complexes, to hotels and even nursing homes.

At Menage Total Montreal maid service they understand the expectations of their clients down to the last detail.

Ménage Total not only secure and fully insured, bonded employees and contractors. Ménage Total management team thrives on excellence and professes it throughout the organization from admin, PR, through to on-site cleaning workers.

With the use of a comprehensive Quality Control Program, Ménage Total is able to offer all their customers a most cost-effective and feasible environmentally friendly service as possible.

The end result is Menage Total promise :


Menage Total Montreal maid service PROMISE:

  • Manage and Oversee the Cleaners to Ensure You Don’t Have to;
  • Safely Replace Cleaners who are Not Performing to Your Expectations;
  • Train Your Dedicated Cleaners Onsite to Fulfill All Your Cleaning Needs and Specifications;
  • Maintain and Continually Improve the Standard of Cleaning to Retain Your Business;
  • Immediately Take Measures and Rectify Any Issues that May Arise.


Founded in 2010 as a Canadian cleaning service equally suited to commercial and domestic maintenance, Menage Total has over 10 years experience in multiple forms of cleaning…


With such huge numbers of mortgage holders working nowadays numerous people do not have the time or vitality to continue cleaning their home. Some basically would prefer not to invest what save energy …


Menage Total Cleaning gives proficient cover cleaning administration in Sydney, our cover cleaning is taking a stab at conveying top quality outcomes.


Try not to chance to lose your bond or to acquire the rage of a displeased landowner. Utilize an expert end of rent cleaning administration in Montreal to lessen the anxiety …


Customary cleaning is fundamental for any business. It scarcely requires by focused on how the state of your premises ponders your business by and large. Awe your customers forthright, or …


As straightforward as it sounds. Menage Total comes to you and does the pressing. Utilize us as low maintenance housekeeper. Functions admirably if joined with alternate administrations Menage Total give. Use Menage Total House Keeping administration to …


Appartments and Flats are helpful and appropriate for the individual and for the little family. Improve the accommodation with a reliably proficient clean space. Have your premises cleaned so consistently and completely


The entire cleaning and association benefit for your Home. Most kinfolk to a lodging strategy for operation. Notwithstanding the cleaning and general cleaning and the floor scouring



There, we said it. Yes, We HATE to clean!

The effort, the time, the gross-ness….everyone just wants to hire it out cleaning service if we could. And should find yourself with more money than we all know what to do with,


The thing is, I know what the power of a clean house can do.

Clean house helps you to get in good mood improved so much after your cleaning session that you will wonder why you have been frustrated in the first place. Mark our words right after your cleaning session said and done, your mood will  happier than before, less stressed and anxious, and ready you will feel that you are ready to reward yourself with a few minutes of light reading even you will feel you like you are reading in a much better place it is a psychiatric fact. This time without feeling guilty about the condition of your house no matter you own a large or small place but a tidy neat place always bring happiness and even discipline in your life you will find lots of happiness in small activities and your family also get less chance to get ill.

Maybe you hate cleaning that normal many of us do not because we all love to live in a dirty place but because cleaning is a tiring and hectic activity we all want our place to be cleaner without efforts, and we wish there was an easier way to get the cleaning job done. While reading this blog we can’t come over and scrub toilets for you, but we can share with you some surprising cleaning benefits that make the job just a little less awful.

In fact, you may find you actually want to clean!


This initial one is somewhat self-evident, yet it merits specifying. Microscopic organisms, form, clean, and dander cause everything from sensitivities to asthma. Customary cleaning sessions will altogether bring down the potential for affliction, and make a more beneficial family generally speaking.


We don’t think about you, however in the event that we have a companion make a trip and our home is a disaster area, will probably finish clarifying why my home looks that way. It’s not just super humiliating, we most likely likewise go into nervousness overdrive pondering what they consider my home and how it thinks about me as a man!

Do endeavor to burn through 15 minutes each night tidying up counters and returning things where they have a place. It has a HUGE effect!


By keeping your machines in great condition, you’ll spend less cash to repair or supplant them. What’s more, how would you do that? By cleaning them! It won’t seem like a major ordeal, but rather I’m tied in with staying away from superfluous expenses, regardless of the possibility that it implies some additional thoughtfulness regarding keep things like my dishwasher running easily.

In case you don’t know when you’ll discover time to do all the additional stuff when you’re scarcely staying aware of clothing and dishes, endeavor to set up a custom cleaning plan first. I’ve discovered that with a normal schedule, you can undoubtedly include one profound cleaning undertaking seven days {or month} without an excessive amount of bother.


A decent cleaning session dependably gets my heart pumping, particularly if it’s an errand like scouring the shower or vacuuming the floors. Furthermore, our vacuum is especially substantial to carry around, so it’s basically similar to lifting weights, isn’t that so?

In the event that you would rather not work out, yet need to remain dynamic and sound, simply put on your elastic gloves and handle a couple of cleaning employments for 20-30 minutes. You’ll rapidly start to sweat without paying for a costly Fitness center participation—we generally consider vacuuming our exercise for the day!

Ménage Total Connect with a Capable Cleaning Lady Montreal

Ménage Total Connect with a Capable Cleaning Lady Montreal

Looking for a Cleaning Lady, maid service or housekeeper to keep your house or workplace looking it’s best? Manage Total Cleaning Lady have a community of professional cleaners looking for jobs in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil

The expression “housekeeper” is regularly used to allude to a housekeeper, servant or cleaning specialist. Menage Total Cleaning woman want to utilize the term servant as it is blander and cuts crosswise over sex generalizations. The cleaning lady doesn’t suggest that the cleaner is male or female like maid or cleaning lady does.

Is there a difference between the roles of a cleaning lady, maid or housekeeper? Some may say yes, but the truth is that the meaning of terms changes over time. Consider the way “attendant” has advanced into the more sexually unbiased “flight chaperon” and “firefighters” are presently alluded to as “flame warriors”.

Many feel that the words cleaning lady or maid are old fashioned. In addition, they have a derogatory feel like you are referring to the servant and a role that must be performed by a female. Most people now use the term housekeeper, but looking at terms people use to find our site it’s clear that there are still some that type the phrase “cleaning ladies” or “cleaning lady” into Google.

Regardless of the term, you use to describe someone you hire to clean your house the benefits of taking this task out of your hands are numerous!

we all live very busy lives, with work, kids and social activities taking up so much of our day cleaning is the last thing we want to do! Hiring professional house cleaning will not only give you back some freedom but it will also alleviate stress and improve your health!

Think a cleaning lady is too expensive? Think again! Paying a housekeeper or housekeeping service is no longer a luxury reserved for the rich people and famous ones.

Many people are surprised to see that cleaning help is more affordable than they ever imagined. When you look at how much your time is worth vs the cost of hiring a residential cleaner often the disparity is enough to make the decision to hire a professional housekeeper easy!

So whether you call the job a cleaning lady, maid or housekeeper the best place to quickly and easily find one is

Ménage Total website is a service focused on connecting people with a community of qualified of professional cleaning professionals for home, office or commercial cleaning.

Ménage Total Cleaning Lady we do?

Ménage adds up to Cleaning Lady is a social venture that tries to cross over any barrier between the favored and the underserved by building a stage where a group of well-off customers and our housekeepers can have any kind of effect in each other’s lives. Ménage Total take pride in having a pool of housekeepers who clean with remarkable polished skill

Ménage Total Cleaning Lady Montreal why we do it?

Ménage Total seek to make open doors for ladies from sorted out groups whose individual stories and inspiration motivate us. Ménage Total are promoters of comprehensive development and country building and we ensure that Menage Total housekeepers are not quite recently enabled with a sweeper, but rather a vehicle for her and for her family to rise and secure a brighter future.

Menage Total Cleaning Lady Montreal What We Clean

Ménage Total Cleaning Lady Montreal Living Room

  • Wipe and disinfect all visible surfaces
  • Sweep, mop, and polish floor
  • Wipe furniture
  • Neatly and safely organize belongings
  • Treat glasses and windows
  • Wipe appliances

Ménage Total Cleaning Lady Montreal Kitchen

  • Wipe stove
  • Wash, dry and store dishes and utensils
  • Wipe and clean countertops
  • Sweep, mop, and polish floor
  • Take out trash and replace bags

Ménage Total Cleaning Lady Montreal Bedroom

  • Make the bed
  • Surface dusting and cleaning
  • Sweep floor
  • Neatly and safely organize belongings

Ménage Total Cleaning Lady Montreal Bathroom

  • Wet, scrub and disinfect surfaces
  • Clean toilet and sink
  • Wet, scrub and mop floor
  • Clean and treat mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Take out trash and replace bags



Menage Domestic Cleaning Services

Welcome to Menage Total maid services. Understand your specific needs, Menage Total value your time and Menage Total are committed to providing you quality Maid Montreal cleaning services. Ménage Total Maid Montreal domestic cleaning includes Regular and Premium Montreal Maid services. Offering you a high standard of Montreal domestic cleaning and ironing services at competitive rates and tailored to your needs. Housekeepers Maid Montreal- Providing you with the high calibre of experienced part-time & full-time Montreal housekeepers and domestic staff.

Ménage total only employ experienced and motivated domestic cleaning staff. Furthermore, all domestic Ménage Total cleaners, Ménage total housekeepers and commercial cleaners are carefully vetted, security cleared, trained and comprehensively insured. Ménage Total- Guarantee that they have built their reputation on delivering professional cleaning services and housekeeping maid Montreal services that their clients have trusted them to do. However, it is their principle to provide a complete satisfaction guarantee. Thus, if for any reason you are not fully satisfied with any tasks carried out, please contact Ménage Total Maid Montreal within 24 hours.

Ménage Total Commercial Cleaning Services

Ménage Total offers comprehensive Contract Cleaning Services to small and large businesses, from corporate buildings, retail outlets, restaurants, gyms and leisure building to schools and healthcare buildings. Ménage Total professional cleaning and maintenance services including Washroom Cleaning & Supplies, Waste & Recycling Services, Paper Shredding, Window Cleaning Services and Floor polishing including Carpet Cleaning.

Ménage Total take pride in being your trusted Maid Montreal cleaning service contractor in Montreal, Quebec and Laval. With Menage Total extensive experience as Commercial Cleaners Montreal, Menage Total has built a great number of satisfied clients who continue to seek their services on an ongoing basis.

Call Menage Total Maid Montreal Cleaning Services to get a free quote for your requirements.


All Menage Total cleaning Maids are meticulous and attentive to the customers’ instructions. Menage Total makes sure that your cleaning tasks are always completed professionally and in a timely fashion.

High Quality:

Select experienced and motivated cleaners. Each of them is competent in their specific cleaning field skills and has undergone a proper training course and assessment before the start of work.


It is Menage Total responsibility to build and maintain the trust of their clients. Each of Menage Total cleaners has excellent work ethics, thus Menage Total is able to provide you with reliable Maid Montreal housekeepers, domestic cleaners and office cleaners within Montreal, Quebec and Laval.

Premium Maid Montreal – Home Cleaning Services

Premium home cleaning services offer you experienced, competent and motivated (English speaking) cleaners who will pay attention to detail and complete every task meticulously to your expectations.

Premium Menage Total maid Montreal has the added benefit of:
At Ménage Total, they stand behind their quality and guarantee complete satisfaction to their clients. Menage Total strives to deliver excellent maid Montreal home cleaning services with minimum disruption to the client’s daily routine. Menage Total also encourages regular feedback from customers and ménage Total maid Montreal want you to feel 100% satisfied with their services so ménage total can continue to deliver premium maid Montreal home cleaning services.

Attention to detail – Competent and inspired cleaners who will focus on detail and finish each assignment carefully to the customer’s desires.
Supervisor – Experienced managers are constantly accessible to address with you to talk about your issues and to guarantee that all your local prerequisites are performed at the most astounding standard.
Same local cleaner – Your cleaner will be overwhelmingly based/working in your neighbourhood Menage total guarantee that a similar cleaning individual visits your living arrangement every week and in time, your cleaner will manufacture an affinity and comprehend your prerequisites completely. Likewise, in the event that you are not by any stretch of the imagination happy with your cleaning individual, you can demand to change your cleaner.
Peace of mind – All Menage Total housekeeper Montreal local cleaners are prepared on client care and protection, safe key-holding and are extensively guaranteed; in this way, you can rest guaranteed that your property is in safe hands. You can likewise change your cleaner whenever on the off chance that you are not by any stretch of the imagination happy with their work.
Cleaning materials – Ménage Total will supply and routinely recharge all cleaning items (at standard cost value) so as not to trade off the nature of cleaning administration they wish to give. All Menage add up to items are specially chosen and are sheltered and secure for housekeeping errands Note – You can simply pick not to utilize the Ménage Total cleaning materials.
Satisfaction – If you are not by any stretch of the imagination happy with your cleaning individual, you can demand to change your cleaner. Menage adds up to need you to feel 100% substance with ménage add up to administrations so they can keep on delivering astounding residential cleaning administrations. Discover more about Our Guarantee benefit.

Menage Total End of Tenancy Cleaning

Menage Total End of Tenancy Cleaning

Menage total End of Tenancy Cleaning was in residential and commercial cleaning services industry since 2010. During all these years of practice, Menage total End of Tenancy cleaning has built a solid foundation. Menage Total End of Tenancy Cleaning mission is to provide home cleaning services and high-quality household help to large regions of Montreal moreover than selecting the best cleaning products. Menage Total knows that your home is precious to you Menage Total residential cleaning service is built around the idea of providing you discretion and reliability. All this means that their housekeeping team, committed and motivated, will serve you for a long term. As well as the company that will be present all the time to bring you all the support and confidence you need.

Menage Total End of Tenancy Cleaning Kitchen

  • Menage Total will Wash and polish all work surfaces.
    •  Menage Total will Clean all cupboards and drawers. Remove all old foodstuffs, carrier bags etc. and dispose of.
    •  Menage Total will Clean sink and taps and remove lime scale and polish where required.
    •  Menage Total will Wall tiles to be decreased, cleaned and polished (mold growth if any removed from between grout).
    •  Menage Total will Clean oven internally to remove all built up grease as well as clean exterior and polish any external chrome.
    •  Menage Total will Clean and remove grime from the extractor.
    •  Menage Total will Clean and defrost refrigerator removing all grime, mildew and food deposits. Leave switched on.
  • Menage Total will Clean washing machine inside and out. Clean rubber at the door. Clean soap drawers and filters.
    •  Menage Total will Clean dishwasher inside and out
    •  Menage Total will Clean exterior of all appliances including kettle, toaster. Clean microwave inside and out.
    •  Menage Total will Bins to be cleaned inside and out.

Menage Total End of Tenancy Cleaning Kitchen Bathroom

Menage Total will shower screen de-scaled, cleaned and polished.
•  Menage Total will clean wall tiles degreased, cleaned and polished (mold growth if any removed from between grout).
•  Menage Total will wash bath, basin, taps, shower, and fittings to be cleaned, de-scaled, dried and polished.
•  Menage Total will clean toilet to be de-scaled, and brushed clean. Seat to be cleaned.
•  Menage Total will wash all soap and shampoo etc. to be removed.
•  Menage Total will mirror to be cleaned and polished.
•  Menage Total will floor to be washed and sanitized.

Menage Total End of Tenancy Cleaning Bathroom General

  •  Menage Total will do Dusting throughout, including light fittings and shades, light switches, dado rails, skirting, spindles and banisters, curtain rails, wall pictures, mirrors, fire surround, and radiators.
    •  Menage Total will clean all light furniture to be moved and carpets to be a vacuum cleaner. Dust skirting boards behind furniture.
    •  Menage Total will assist Mattresses to be lifted and vacuumed under.
    •  Menage Total all other floors to be washed using the correct type of cleaning materials.
    •  Menage Total will remove all dust from glass (furniture tops, mirrors, picture frames etc) to be cleaned with window cleaner.
    •  Menage Total dust windows to be cleaned internally. Windows sills to be wiped down.
    •  Menage Total dust doors and top of doors to be cleaned. Door handles to be polished.
    •  Menage Total dust drawers and shelves to be cleared of any rubbish (newspapers and magazines etc.) and telephone directories to be kept and stored neatly.Menage Total Upholstery vacuumed, also cushions lifted and cleaned underneath.
    •  Menage Total dust all wooden furniture to be carefully wiped clear of dust.•  Menage Total Living room rug (1) cleaned

Menage Total End of Tenancy Cleaning Bedrooms

  • Menage Total will clean all bedroom furniture/storage units will be cleaned inside and out.
  • Menage Total will clean all Bedroom carpet cleaned.
  • Menage Total provide all materials, we guarantee you will get your deposit back,  plus we deliver a high-quality professional cleaning service.
  • Menage Total End of tenancy cleaning service is guaranteed.
  • Menage Total work on bank holidays and weekends with no extra charge
  • Menage Total clean the Oven as a part of the service with no extra charge
  • Menage Total offer same day service
  • Menage Total are flexible with dates, starting times and payment methods
  • Menage Total do free re-cleans if needed (as long as reports are filed 7 days after the service)


Kitchen Cleaning Services Job To Keep Your Kitchen Safe.

You Have A Business To Run. It’s Menage Total Kitchen Cleaning Services Job To Keep Your Kitchen Safe.

Menage Total ensures that your business operations are in compliance whether you need a general assessment or a complete exhaust system cleaning. Menage Total Kitchen Cleaning Services has the experienced staff to do the job right the first time and every time.

Menage Total Kitchen Cleaning Services

Menage Total Kitchen Cleaning Services team are professionally trained, qualified, and certified to inspect, correct, and service your kitchen exhaust system. Experience the Menage Total difference for yourself and for your kitchen.


Finally, a better solution for commercial conveyor oven cleaning. Quickly gaining a reputation as the industry leader, Menage Total has established the largest oven cleaning service network in the country. Menage Total trained and certified oven cleaning professionals adhere to an extensive process to ensure the maximum life expectancy and efficiency of your commercial kitchen oven.

1. Disassemble

Menage Total removes belts, racks, insulated panels, windows & air fingers.

2. Remove Buildup

Menage Total ensures that your interior bake chambers & on disassembled parts.

3. Reassemble & Test

Menage Total ensures prior functionality is fully restored.

4. Detail & Polish

Menage Total detail and polish your exterior areas of the oven for a like-new finish.

Menage Total Kitchen Cleaning Services Oven Cleaning Benefits

A cost-effective service that improves your bottom line

  • – More energy efficient
  • – Shorter cook times and higher production
  • – Lower health risks and increase inspection ratings
  • – Increase equipment life
  • – Reduce downtime and emergency equipment repairs
  • – Decrease your risk of oven fire
  • – High-quality end product and consistency
  • – Maintain compliance and lower insurance rates

Menage Total Experience What Makes the Difference

A properly cleaned oven involves much more than just cleaning visible components. Menage Total certified technicians utilize a detailed, in-depth process to ensure the procedure is done correctly. With over 19,000 conveyor ovens serviced to-date, Menage Total have the experience you can rely on.

Menage Total Kitchen Cleaning services Concrete Restoration & Cleaning Services

Owning and operating a restaurant comes with a long list of issues and tasks that need to be taken care of every day. Menage Total can take some of this off of your plate using our state-of-the-art proprietary surface cleaner.

Menage Total can perform cleaning on almost all concrete surfaces. After pre-treating the concrete and using an oil absorbent screening technique, their proprietary equipment ensures that a uniform and deep kitchen cleaning services will take place. Areas typically in need of cleaning are high-traffic zones such as the front kitchen entryway, outside the back door, drive-throughs, parking lots, sidewalks, etc.


Menage Total kitchen cleaning services offer the ability to thoroughly clean your dumpster pad. The area around your dumpster can fastly get out of hand attracting animals and vermin.

Menage Total will clean up the larger debris before soaking the area with proprietary cleaners. Then using specialized tools, willpower washes all surfaces getting rid of excess buildup leaving a clean dumpster pad.


While you are cooking, warmth, smoke, and oil loaded vapors are hauled out of your eatery through your kitchen deplete framework. This framework coordinates the vapors into your hood, through your vent hood channels, and into ventilation work setting out through your working to your fumes fan on the rooftop or where it can securely leave your building. The vapors contain combustible deposit including oil and oils which can give fuel to a fire. Because of the high warmth created by an oil fire, these flames can rapidly spread into the upper room and spaces in your building not ensured by flame concealment frameworks, bringing about calamitous harm. While no framework or process can wipe out the danger of flame, appropriate kitchen depletes cleaning takes out the fuel load and keeps your framework kept up to such an extent that any fire that may happen can be legitimately contained and smothered without gambling life and property. The proprietor of a kitchen debilitates framework has the legitimate obligation to guarantee the fumes framework is sheltered. By choosing  Menage Total Kitchen Cleaning services as your cleaning supplier, you can be sure you have settled on the best choice for your office, your workers, and your clients. Kitchen flames will happen, yet the subsequent harm is frequently reliant on the quality and competency of the cleaning supplies you have chosen. Menage Total kitchen cleaning services group of prepared and affirmed experts clean your whole framework and archive our cleaning with photographic confirmation to guarantee that your fumes framework is appropriately kept up. Menage Total specialists will suggest appropriate cleaning frequencies utilizing particular devices and hardware to gauge the level of combustible deposit in your frameworks and report back to you on any conditions that may bargain the protected operation of the kitchen debilitate framework in your office.



Founded in 2010, with our main headquarters located in Laval and offices in Montreal, Menage Total aims to bring happiness and smile to all homes across the greater Montreal.

With Menage Total simple and affordable way of housekeeping,  connect with passionate Montrealers. Additionally, their cleaning service providers, their women, and household men have already provided hundreds of homes and offices. They have earned reputation in Great Montreal with professional experiences without cleaning Menage Totalling.
By doing this, Menage Total begins the first stage of our overall goal to provide professional cleaning available to all Montrealers. Whether you are a parent or a university student – if you need a cleaning once or four times a month,  Menage Total is a convenient way to make your home cleaner and warmer. Menage Total knows that your home should be a Menage Total coming and friendly place, but mostly clean. Therefore to ensure an amazing cleaning experience, Menage Total guarantee that their cleaning teams that are part of our network cleaners on our platform are all:
Checked and insured references
Frequently monitored for quality insurance purposes.


Accelerate significantly the positive feedback and customer satisfaction that emerges through the efforts of the entire team . Menage Total adopts business methods of tempo Menage Totalling intuitive systems. Menage Total extends the effective eagerness of the Menage Total without leadership skills centered on the user.


Everyone would love a bit more spare time in their hectic daily routines. Choose from our flexible Menage Total  HOUSE CLEANING SERVICES or fortnightly cleaning service and enjoy the luxury.

Call MENAGE TOTAL HOUSE CLEANING SERVICES  today to get a free quote or simply fill in the contact form with your details.

Come home from work without worrying about having to clean or do the washing up. Entertain guests, safe in the knowledge they’ll be amazed to be inside an immaculate home.  Menage Total House Cleaning services offer a cleaning schedule that suits your lifestyle.  Even if you’re not at your house  Menage Total cleaner can work their magic.  Coming home to a refreshed and the meticulously tidy house is a marvelous experience!


MENAGE TOTAL OFFICE CLEANING SERVICE  offers a professional commercial service for small to medium-sized offices.

Menage Total loves the variety of customers that comes with commercial cleaning and Menage Total suited for lots of different office types. If your office requires regular cleaning don’t hesitate to get in touch with Menage Total Team.

Menage Total  HOUSE CLEANING SERVICES MONTREAL will discuss your needs and tailor a service to suit.

Each of Menage Total cleaners and office staff has been given health and safety training.  A risk assessment is carried out for all offices to ensure the safety of our cleaners and also to give Menage Total customers peace of mind.

Menage Total HOUSE CLEANING SERVICES MONTREAL has a great track record for their cleaners loyalty which means you’ll have the same cleaner, clean after clean after clean.  All of Menage Total cleaners are highly dedicated and friendly.  Each of them has previous experience in the Housecleaning industry.

  • Insured & vetted professional cleaner
  • Always someone available to take your call, even outside office hours
  • Replacement cleaners for holidays & sickness
  • Office cleaning
  • Maintenance help
  • Affordable and reliable friendly service guaranteed!

Menage Total HOUSE CLEANING SERVICES MONTREAL are Home, a domestic cleaning agency Menage Total established in greater Montreal

Menage Total built up a reputation for being a reliable, trustworthy and an ethical business. Menage Total thinks their cleaners are as important to them as their customers, here are a few things Menage Total as an agency does to ensure you, as a cleaner, can concentrate on the job in hand:

  • Menage Total can provide cover for you should you need time off work
  • Menage Total interview customers in their homes prior to starting a contract to ensure a safe working environment
  • There’s always a member of Home Menage Total Home available to help with problems, even outside office hours
  • Menage Total are here to bridge any communication and operational gaps between Menage Total HOUSE CLEANING SERVICES MONTREAL customers and cleaners
  • Menage Total have public liability insurance which covers any damage to customer property
  • Menage Total insurance also covers loss of keys


Menage Total Montreal cleaners certainly know the ins and outs of home cleaning work. Menage Total has been providing cleaning services Montreal since 2010.

Menage Total Montreal Cleaners

There’s a famous quote that a neat clean and tidy house is a sign of a wasted life. While I guess it may not be exactly true, it’s certainly true that there are fascinating and precious and fun-filled things to do rather than worry about keeping your home neat and tidy! having all your other responsibilities and commitments, you should be able to enjoy your leisure time as you want. residential cleaning services are available and designed in a certain manner to give you the long lost peace of mind and relaxation you deserve and always wanted the time you need to enjoy the feast of your life and loved ones.

Menage Total Montreal cleaners certainly know the ins and outs of home cleaning work. Menage Total has been providing cleaning services Montreal since 2010. Let them put their years of experience to good use in your house – you’ll see a Magnificent clean in the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms and all living areas in your house. You can also receive help with chores such as ironing, bed making, and pantry tidying.

The house is a very private place for many folks. To ensure you are completely at peace and comfort to Menage Total come Menage Total teams into your house, Menage Total ensure that every staff member clears comprehensive reference checks, has been vetted by Menage Total Montreal Cleaners office and has up-to-date public liability complete insurance. These are just a few of the reasons why Menage Total Montreal Cleaners one of the most trusted cleaning services Montreal.

Whether you need someone to help with the Menage Total chores or some end of lease cleaning in their Montreal home, talk to the fantastic staff at Menage Total Montreal Cleaners to see how they can help. Surely You’ll never look back!

Menage Total Montreal Cleaners provides one of the most flexible, custom design domestic cleaning services around. You can choose just the cleaning services you need Menage Total other you in need of residential or commercial cleaning or engage Menage Total for regular full housekeeping services. Menage Total Montreal Cleaners is here to give you back the time you need to maintain your lifestyle.

Don’t you wish that you should have more leisure time there are residential services that can help you out in this sort of situation Menage Total have the perfect solution for you in this regard?

Menage Total Montreal Cleaners continuously monitors their cleaning staff through regular inspections and field supervision of all cleaning activities.Menage Total Montreal Cleaners can help you gain from their experience in best practices for building maintenance and cleaning.Menage Total Montreal Cleaners is fully insured to protect your business equipment and property from any damage. Menage Total Montreal Cleaners will not disturb any work on your desk or workers computers as they realize how important it is to leave workstations as they are for workplace staff the next day. Menage Total office cleaning services have been carefully designed to achieve the immaculate results with minimum disruption to the office en environment and can be tailored to each customer requirements.

Menage Total Montreal Cleaners Commercial Cleaning

Menage Total Montreal Cleaners customizes to your cleaning needs.

Some of the office cleaning services that we provide are:

  •   Vacuum every single covered region
  • Compass and clean all tiled regions
  • Exhaust garbages
  • Clean windows
  • Tidy, wipe, purify work area, kitchens, washrooms and so on.
  • Spot clean dividers
  • Baseboards
  • Tidy and wipe light installations
  • Give our cleaning supplies
  • And so forth.

Menage Total Montreal Cleaners Residential Cleaning

Menage Total Montreal Cleaners customize to your cleaning needs.Menage Total will come to your house to give you a free of cost quote, to make sure your cleaning requirements are met.

Some of the cleaning services that Menage total Cleaning services provide are:

  • Vacuuming
  • Sweep and mop
  • Empty garbage
  • Dust and sanitize
  • Bathroom
  • Blinds
  • Baseboards
  • Provide our cleaning supplies
  • Move Ins / Move Outs Cleaning

Premium Residential Maid Service

Menage Total Montreal Maid Premium Residential Maid Service

Menage Total is rising above your average Montreal maid residential cleaning company. Those days are gone the days of complicated quotes and cluttered websites. Just choose Menage Total one of flat rate maid services that fits your home, select a date that works, sit back and relax. Our Menage total team of residential cleaners will take care of the rest, guaranteeing the very best Montreal maid service. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional residential maid service and remarkable customer service to match!

What makes Menage Total Maid service special?

  • Feasible rates pricing with no hidden charges
  • Booking is simple and hardly takes less than 60 seconds
  • Menage Total maid are friendly, professional and well experienced
  • All cleaners are reliable  and have had police certificates
  • Menage total offer a 100% client satisfaction guarantee

Safe + Secure + Professional

Menage Total carefully selects the most experienced and professional maid for their Residential cleaning program. All have had full police security checks and have been cleaning residential properties for many years. Menage Total also have a policy that all their maid must be friendly and fun to work with too! 100% completely Insured

Menage Total is fully insured to clean your residential property, so you don’t have to worry about damages or any valuable loss. All Menage Total cleaners come with years experience and full police security checks too!

Menage Total is a friendly company of Montreal based residential cleaning service providing an expert level of the highest quality residential cleaning services to all folks of Montreal. Menage Total business started out supplying home cleaning services in Montreal in the year 2012, Montreal surrounding inner city suburbs. Menage Total loyal and satisfactory clients spread the word and now they provide home cleaning and Montreal maid service to all over Montreal.

Menage Total has domestic cleaners available in your area to clean anytime from 7 am and 6 pm. Just select the desired calendar day to check date availability. Menage Total professional and reliable maid will get the job done within a very Pocket-friendly rate service and outstanding client experience – Menage Total wants you raving about their services to your friends and family!

Menage Total rates are the same across all suburbs and locations, so if you’re looking for cleaners in, or anywhere in Montreal. you can book a service in within 60 seconds!

If you are looking for Montreal maid service for just a couple of hours residential work here and there Menage total Montreal maid service is for you. remarkable cleaning at affordable prices. The minimum time is 2 hours and Menage total Montreal maid service can be very flexible with the clean no doubt.

Full House Montreal Maid Service

The perfect Montreal maid service to get the whole residential cleaned. Prices based on a number of bedrooms + studies in your home. Please select a “Deep Clean” if your home has not been cleaned thoroughly for over a month.

  • Well Experienced and Professional maid service
  • Highest Quality Montreal maid Service
  • Menage Total Bring All Supplies and Equipment
  • 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee on every visit
  • Menage Total cleaners are 100% insured!
  • Book online now in less than 60 seconds!