Lawn cleaning service is proudly provided by Menage Total in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Menage Total clean all the unwanted things from your lawn, trim the grass and remove the branches of plants and trees. We repair the fernery if it is damaged and we make new ones if you ask to make it.
We are providing you the lawn mowing and cleaning service. We fertilize the plants and remove leaves and branches that are unwanted, give an awkward look. Our professional lawn cleaning team re-defines the borders of the lawn and re-seeds the damaged areas of lawn. Our professional team will give you the desired lawn that you are looking for. They will make a pleasing place for sitting there. We have an experienced and committed team which works with full of dedication. They will clean your lawn without creating any disturbance for you.

Our Services:

We are proudly providing the following services relating to lawn cleaning.

Grass Trimming:

We Menage Total have a special focus on trimming the grass that will give a beautiful view of your lawn. If there is a need to have some grass on the lawn, we will re-seed the grass in that area. We trim grass without damaging the soil of the lawn.

Removing Leaves and Branches:

Excessive leaves and branches give an odd look of plants and trees which ultimately reduce the beauty of your lawn. Our professional lawn cleaning team will remove the leaves of plants and branches as well. It will give a beautiful view of your lawn.

Re-Seeding the Plants:

If you want to re-seed some plants, let us do this for you. Our team will re-seed the plants which you want to have on your lawn.

Boshes Removing:-

Our professional cleaning team will remove all boshes and unwanted things from your lawn and will provide you lawn cleaning services near me. It will enhance the beauty of your lawn.